International Study and Experience

Student Exchange Programs - How to Apply

The process to research, plan, and prepare for a semester exchange program is almost exactly like planning for a regular semester abroad program with just a few minor differences. We recommend that you start at least two semesters prior to your program start date. Follow the instructions below. Use the Student Checklist for Semester Study Abroad to help you navigate the application process.

  1. Communicate with the SAGE office about your intention to participate in the exchange program.

  2. Confirm that the courses fit into your education plan. This can be done online using the My Education Plan tool on the website or you can meet with an academic adviser. The courses must count towards your degree in order to use your financial aid. They must also be able to articulate back to Valencia in order to get course credit. See the Student Exchange Program information on the SAGE website for links to specific course details.

  3. Complete the Budget Worksheet for Study Abroad.

  4. Meet with a Financial Aid Adviser.

  5. Fill out and have the program area dean/s sign the Course Pre-Approval & Consortium Agreement Form for Study Abroad.

  6. Submit all your paperwork to the SAGE office (190 S. Orange Ave., 2nd Floor).

  7. Research and apply for study abroad scholarships. Apply for a SAGE Scholarship which are given on a first-come, first-serve basis: SAGE Scholarship Instructions and Application Form.

  8. Register with host institution and receive the acceptance notification.

  9. Complete the following forms and send them to the SAGE office:
  10. Apply for your passport if you need one.

  11. Apply for your visa if you need one.

  12. Make housing and transportation arrangements. The host institution can give you assistance with housing recommendations.

  13. Purchase medical/trip insurance.

  14. Purchase an International Student ID Card.

  15. Get a health check up and get your immunizations (ask your doctor for details).

  16. Register for your courses with Valencia. Since this is an exchange program, you will pay tuition to Valencia but not to the host institution.

  17. Attend all pre-departure orientations. These will be delivered through the SAGE office.

  18. Pack for your trip using the Recommended Packing List and the Property Document Form.

  19. Contact your cell phone provider to verify international calling rates. If you have an iPhone, check for free calling (Viber) and text plans (Textfree to Voice) that you can use while overseas. You can also purchase an international calling card.

  20. Enjoy your trip!

  21. Attend any re-entry orientations with your program provider.

  22. Complete the SAGE Online Program Evaluation and Reflection Survey.

  23. Write a thank you not to your donor.

  24. Submit your transcript to the SAGE office.

  25. Share your experience.