Factors to Consider: Context of the Presentation

friends2.JPG Val continues reading her assignment sheet:

"Remember, this research paper is a scholarly study of a topic, not a personal manifesto. Your final product should be professionally written and should include credible sources appropriate to a scholarly context."

Val now realizes why Professor Sage wanted her to use at least two scholarly journal articles. The requirement helped Val choose sources appropriate for a scholarly context.

This also explains Professor Sage's comment to Val that her paper would be based on different kinds of sources from those used for her personal decision. She thinks about the comments she has gotten from her friends, online reviews she has looked at, and blogs she has read. They have all helped her decide on her new tattoo ... but Val knows she won't include them in her paper.

The bottom line: When deciding which sources are most appropriate, consider the context of the presentation, including whether it is scholarly/professional or informal/personal. 

In the activity on the following page, review the following types of sources and their appropriate contexts -- scholarly/professional or informal/personal.



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