Factors to Consider: Purpose of the Presentation

point1.JPG Val now has a good idea of which sources are most appropriate to use in her paper. But she's not exactly sure what information to include in her paper. Which facts and ideas are important enough to put in her paper?

Val recalls Professor Sage emphasizing that the research paper would be persuasive - Val needs to take a stand on an issue related to her topic.

Val decides to take the side that 'employees should be allowed to wear and display their tattoos on the job.'   She will now look for information and quotes that help accomplish the purpose of the paper - to persuade the "audience" of her point of view.

Val sees that she has some articles with opinions in support of her side and some opposing. Also, she has some statistics and primary sources that don't express a point of view, but could be used to demonstrate her main ideas.

The bottom line: When deciding which information to include, consider the purpose of the presentation, and include information that helps accomplish that goal.

Complete the activity on the following page to help Val outline the points she will make in her paper.


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