Review the answers:

Banning tattoos violates the Freedom of Speech:

  • Text of the First Amendment
  • Examples of tattoos as a form of speech

Tattoos have become more accepted today:

  • Statistics showing increasing numbers of Americans with tattoos
  • Poll data showing positive public opinions on tattoos

Note that in the above paragraphs, Val uses statistics, data and primary sources to support her point. Even though the sources are neutral and do not actually express a point of view on Val's issue, Val can use the information as evidence in her argument.

Opposing argument: For tattoo bans:

  • Legal case upholding employers' rights to ban tattoos
  • Statistics showing increased sales at businesses that ban tattoos

The important point is that Val is able to use sources in her paper even if they support the opposing side. Explaining the other side gives the audience a more complete understanding of the issue. Since Val's paper is persuasive, she will use her other two main points to argue against this side.


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