C Tattoo.jpg Content has Val focus in on the HOW. How is a site organized? Is it easy to navigate or do you have to search through page after page for the information you need? Does the site look professional? Spelling and/or grammatical errors are indicators of the work put into the site and clues to the validity of the information posted. If someone can't run the spell check option, can they be trusted to check the facts to verify their validity? Mistakes on the page should have you questioning how thorough the author/publisher was with all aspects of their work.

Content also covers the information provided by the website and information about the publisher. Val should be able to find out who is responsible for the information on the website and how to contact them. Can Val find the author/organization's mission statement? Is the information provided meant to inform, entertain, coerce or sell? The Smithsonian Institution has a website linking to its associated 19 museums, the national Zoo and nine affiliated research centers. While it does provide information on membership benefits, the content of the site is overwhelmingly geared to its mission statement of the "diffusion of knowledge." is a magazine associated with the Smithsonian that provides popular articles on the various subject areas covered in the many museums.






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