Tiger.jpg Advanced Search Techniques

There are a variety of advanced search techniques beyond the scope of this module. The following link provides more information for those that are interested. Below are two examples of more commonly used advanced search methods.


Phrase Searching

Enclosing search terms within quotations enables a search for the words exactly as they are entered within the quotes. For example, the following search for "tattoos in Christianity" will find articles that contain this exact phrase somewhere within the article. Limiting to phrase searches is an excellent way to narrow a search, but keep in mind that entering long sentences such as "How do perceptions of tattoos differ in Eastern religions, Judaism, and Christianity" will rarely retrieve meaningful results and most likely will return no results.



Using the * symbol at the end of a root word will find variations of that words ending.  For example entering the word tattoo* in a search will find tattoos, tattooing, tattooed and tattooer. 


(Photo credit: Tattoospit.com. Used under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic license)



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