Using Boolean In Google

The Google advanced search allows for the use of Boolean operators. Below is the advanced search screen in Google and the arrows indicate which search bars represent the different Boolean operators. You could also write this search out in the regular Google search bar. It would look like this: religion tattoos OR "body art" -piercing. In Google, the minus sign represents the NOT operator, while the AND operator is automatically inserted between every keyword unless otherwise substituted by OR, or the minus sign. In other words, there is an invisible AND between religion tattoos in the bolded search above. Quotation marks in Google are a phrase search and work the same as in the library research databases.

 Credible websites are only determined by evaluating them carefully. Module 3 will explain in depth how to evaluate websites.

Boolean Google.jpg

The bottom line: Using keywords, Boolean Operators, and other techniques effectively enables Val to focus her searches and find information more efficiently. 


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