Which Sources?

The following elements will influence what sources Val decides to access:

A.  Topic - The topic will dictate how and what you access. For example, if Val decides she wants to research strictly history, culture, and fashion of tattoos, she would be unlikely to find this information in a medical database.

B.  Assignment or Need – Your professor may require specific sources for the assignment that will take some of the guesswork out of what you need to access.  Likewise, if your research is for personal reasons you will want to consider informal methods of research (interviews, talking with friends) as well as library resources.

C. Procrastination - Waiting until the last minute frequently has a negative impact on the sources used. Additionally, studies have identified procrastination with higher rates of plagiarism and lower academic performance. Module 5 will have more information about using information ethically to avoid plagiarism. 


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