Accessing Tools


Tools.jpg Using the example from Module One, Val has identified several research questions for five different topics.  Take for example the question how do perceptions of tattoos differ in Eastern religions, Judaism and Christianity?  Professor Sage has indicated that the research essay needs to have three types of sources: books, articles from databases, and credible websites. Val has already found some background information, but needs more specific sources to answer her research question. Val can effectively and efficiently find the sources required for the assignment, by being able to diffrentiate and choose the appropriate method and tool for accessing each source.

Library Catalog - Most libraries have an electronic catalog that is essentially an online index of all the items within a library's collection. While many resources are accessible through a library catalog, it is primarily used for finding books on the library's shelves.

Research Databases - These are digital warehouse of information organzied to allow users easy access to information. Databases are used primarily to find articles from journals, magazines, and newspapers.

Search Engines - Search engines collect and organize information from the internet. They are used primarily to locate web sites and documents on the internet. They have advanced options that can help users find sites that are more credible than what the average random search often retrieves.


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