The Learning Center

Dated:  February 2004

In the early part of February, several members of the Osceola campus met to discuss plans for the Learning Center to be housed in building three. The stakeholders present represented a wide range of backgrounds including deans, the LRC Director, student services, several instructional assistants, and the Faculty Association President. The goal of the meeting was to create a vision for what the learning center would contain. We did not intend to "design" the learning center.That is, we only brainstormed how we wanted the center to serve the learning community. For that reason, we began all statements with "A place where students will."This was only the first step in creating a dynamic learning center.

The Learning Center will be:

A place where students will learn skills such as:

  • Burn CDs 
  • Use electronic portfolios 
  • Open, Close, Save files 
  • Use a scanner 
  • Basic Wordprocessing 
  • Design a website
  • Create a PowerPoint presentation 
  • Use the internet (Basic internet research) 
  • Use  Smartboard, elmo, digital tablet 
  • Use Atlas account 
  • Use WebCT
  • Using LifeMap Tools

A place where students will get assistance with course content tools such as:

  • Peer learning groups
  • Research skills
  • Career software tools
  • Student tutors or other instructional assistance
    (drop in content help)
  • Possible faculty office hours

A place where students will create a LifeMap including:

  • Career development
  • Study skills
  • Personality/Values, etc regarding careers (i.e.MBTI)
  • Life skills

A place where...

  • Students will complete assignments for their classes (includes printing)
  • Students can choose to learn individually, in pairs, in groups, etc
  • Students will have access to specialized software and equipment
  • Faculty can bring their classes for specialized instruction
  • Students can learn life skills