Faculty & Staff


Name Department Position Phone
Dr. Terri G. Daniels Exec Dean's Office WPK Executive Dean 407-582-6801
Dr. Susan Dunn Exec Dean's Office WPK Mgr, Credit Programs 407-582-6871
Sal Navarro Exec Dean's Office WPK Mgr, Campus Operations - WPK 407-582-6800
Cheryl Osberg Exec Dean's Office WPK Executive Assistant 407-582-6802
Grenka Bajramoski Fletcher Exec Dean's Office WPK Administrative Assistant 407-582-6870


Name Department Position Phone
Lisa Moodie Campus Store WPK Campus Store Manager 407-582-6950


Name Department Position Phone
Jason Balserait English WPK Professor, English 407-582-6824
Dr. Benjamin Ohwovoriole English WPK Professor, English 407-582-6870
Chris Borglum English WPK Professor, English 407-582-6869
Damion Hammock Math WPK Professor, Mathematics 407-582-6917
Genie Mogollon Math WPK Professor, Mathematics 407-582-6970
John Niss Math WPK Professor, Mathematics 407-582-6858
Dr. Upasana Santra Math WPK Professor, Mathematics 407-582-6859
Nadine Daniels Biological Science WPK Professor, Biology 407-582-6115
Jamie Prusak Biological Science WPK Professor, Biology 407-582-6114
Dr. Marva Pryor Business WPK Professor, Business 407-582-6016
Suzette Ashton Speech WPK Professor, Speech 407-582-6855
Paul Chapman Humanities WPK Professor, Humanities 407-582-6819
Val Woldman Humanities WPK Professor, Humanities 407-582-6941
Jean Marie Fuhrman Reading WPK Professor, Reading 407-582-6865

Learning Support

Name Department Position Phone
Nelson Torres Arroyo Library WPK Mgr, Learning Support Services 407-582-6815
Hans Liburd Standardized Testing Assessment Coordinator 407-582-6527
Adam Johnson Library WPK Emerging Technology Librarian 407-582-6019
Annie Rogers Library WPK Emerging Technology Library Specialist 407-582-6816
Lisa Keeton Math WPK Coord, Math Department 407-582-6817
Chris Brown English WPK Teaching Lab Supervisor 407-582-6820

Peace and Justice Institute

Name Department Position Phone
Rachel Allen Humanities EAC Director, Peace and Justice Institute 407-582-6820
Will Jefferson Peace and Justice Institute Admin Manager 407-582-6525
LaTasha Thomas Peace and Justice Institute Staff Assistant II 407-582-6524


Name Department Position Phone
Ken Olsen Campus Security Svcs EAC Security Field Supervisor 407-582-2000

Student Services

Name Department Position Phone
Julie Corderman Dean of Students WPK Dir, Student Services, WP 407-582-6868
Cheryl Miller Dean of Students WPK Staff Assistant II 407-582-6908
Natalie Hofreiter Dean of Students WPK Coordinator, Student Services 407-582-6890
Dr. Marcia Roman Dean of Students WPK Counselor 407-582-6887
Hannah Hosler Dean of Students WPK Coord, Program Advisor 402-582-6882
Tanya Alas Dean of Students WPK Coord, Program Advisor 402-582-6903
Mike Sanchez Dean of Students WPK Coord, Program Advisor 402-582-6526
Danielle Colley Dean of Students WPK Academic Advisor 402-582-6010
Joe Falk Dean of Students WPK Student Services Advisor 402-582-6903
Gerri McCormick Financial Aid Office WPK Financial Aid Specialist 402-582-6521

Student Development

Name Department Position Phone
Sunni Prevatt Student Activity Coord, Student Development 407-582-6889
Nathalie Miller Student Activity Staff Assistant II 407-582-6956