Security Warning – Malicious OneClass Chrome Extension
A malicious OneClass Chrome Extension is part of a current phishing scam which, if installed, may send ...

Discussion Board Forum “Access Denied” Error
The latest update to Blackboard has produced a bug that will cause an “Access Denied” error message ...

Blackboard Gamegogy Leaderboard
Want to add some gamification to your Blackboard course?  The Gamegogy Leaderboard module displays a ...


Faculty can visit a Center for Teaching/Learning Innovation or make an appointment with one of our Instructional Designers for assistance.

Valencia students and faculty have several ways of getting assistance with courses that use the Blackboard online course development tool. For technical assistance with your course, contact the online helpdesk:

Phone 407-582-5600 (24/7 Phone Support)

You may also chat live with a support team member, submit a ticket with your issue or concern, or review our knowledge-base of resources.