New Student Induction Process

Assessment Services

  • Be sure to thoroughly read and complete every step in your Part 1: Online Orientation course.
  • Failure to submit ALL answers to your reviews will result in a delay in registering for Part 2: On-Campus Orientation.

New Student Induction Process

Take a look at our  Enrollment Checklist (PDF)

  • Step 1: Apply for Admission and Financial Aid
  • Step 2: Create your ATLAS account
  • Step 3:
    • Complete Part 1: Online Orientation
      You may be required to provide placement scores.
    • Complete Part 2: On-Campus Orientation
      You will register for classes during your On-Campus Orientation.
  • Step 4: Pay Tuition
  • Step 5: Get ID Card and Parking Decal
  • Step 6: Purchase Books & Go to Class!

You may be required to submit placement scores such as PERT, SAT or ACT if you do not meet the following criteria:

  • You are an Active Military Member.
  • You started 9th grade in a Florida Public high school or charter school in 2003 or after AND did or will graduate with a standard high school diploma from a Florida Public High School or Charter School (GED does not qualify).
  • You are transferring college level coursework in English and Math with a grade of C or higher.

If you said “no” to any of the options above, you ARE required to provide placement scores.

Dual Enrollment and Bridges candidates may be required to take the PERT for program eligibility.

  • If you have ACT or SAT scores that are less than two years old and they are high enough to use for placement, send them to Valencia.

View the scores needed for SAT or ACT placement.

Find out how to send your SAT/ACT scores.

Please note, it takes 5 weeks to receive and process SAT and ACT scores.

If you do not wish to wait for your official ACT or SAT scores to arrive, you may take the PERT. The PERT is free of charge and can be taken at any campus Assessment Services office (no appointment necessary).

Career Review

The Career Review gives you a sample of careers that link to particular meta-majors. This review gives you a glimpse of the variety of careers you can pursue and helps you link them to a specific meta-major and academic career path that may interest you while you attend Valencia.

This review is taken during your Part 1: Online Orientation.


Mini Learning and Study Strategies Inventory (Mini LASSI)

The Mini LASSI inventory will help you understand your learning, study practices and attitude toward college. The 5 scales are: Attitude, Information Processing, Motivation, Time Management and Test Strategies.

This review is taken during your Part 1: Online Orientation.