Remote Testing for Other College Students

(For students from other institutions requesting to take a placement test at Valencia)

Valencia College has a process in place for allowing students from other institutions to take the PERT, CPT or Accuplacer ESL(LOEP) test at Valencia. The information below explains the request process.

Visit the following Valencia webpage for test fee information: (Other Fees)

Remote Placement Testing Policies:

  • All requests must be approved by the student’s home institution prior to taking the test.
  • Students are responsible for informing their institution of Valencia’s approval process.
  • The Valencia preferred remote testing option is for students to test on their institution’s account using their testing units. This information must be shared with the other institution’s testing director prior to making any arrangements at Valencia.

Remote Placement Testing Process:

  1. Students must select a Valencia Testing Center location.
  • To assist you in locating Valencia Campuses, visit
  • Complete Valencia's online form with your request to take a test at Valencia.
  • Once you have completed the student form, an email will be sent to your home institution to confirm your testing request with us.
  • Your home institution will complete a form.
  • Once the forms have been completed, your request will be processed by Valencia.
  • You will be contacted via the email address you provided to confirm your approval to test with us and explain next steps to make an appointment with one of our assessment centers to test.