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Student Dispute Resolution

Sexual Harassment / Sexual Assault (Title IX)

Valencia College, in accordance with Title IX of the Educational Amendments of 1972, is committed to ensuring that current and future students, faculty, and staff are not discriminated against and ensures a learning environment free from all forms of harassment, including sexual harassment, discrimination, or intimidation.
Valencia College prohibits sex discrimination and sexual misconduct, to include sexual harassment and sexual violence. Sexual harassment is a term with specific legal implications. Sexual harassment involves a variety of behaviors such as unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal and/or physical harassment. Sexual violence refers to conduct of a sexual nature that occurs against a person’s will or without a person’s explicit consent to include circumstances where consent cannot be given.

The College also prohibits gender-based harassment. Acts of a verbal, nonverbal, or physically intimidating nature centered on sex and/or sex-stereotyping will not be tolerated in the Valencia community.

We strongly encourage all members of our College community to seek support for and report all sex discrimination and sexual misconduct to Campus Security, the Title IX Coordinator, or any named Title IX Deputy Coordinator. The roles and responsibilities of these individuals are to assist in removing the misconduct, preventing its recurrence, and addressing the effects. All complaints, regardless of where reported, will be relayed to and evaluated by the College’s Title IX Coordinator.

Valencia Campus Security

West Campus 407-582-1000
East Campus 407-582-2000
Lake Nona Campus 407-582-7000
Osceola Campus 407-582-4000
Winter Park Campus 407-582-6000
District Office 407-582-3000
Criminal Justice Institute 407-582-8000


Title IX Coordinator and Deputy Coordinators

Title IX Coordinator
Title IX Coordinator Ryan Kane Title IX/EO Officer 407-582-3421
District Office
Deputy Coordinator  Ben Taylor Assistant Director, Title IX/EO 407-582-3454 District Office
Deputy Coordinator  Chanda Postell Assistant Director, Title IX/EO 407-582-3422 District Office
East, Winter Park, and School of Public Safety
Deputy Coordinator Julie Corderman Director, Student Services 407-582-6868
Winter Park 210A
Deputy Coordinator Joe Sarrubbo Dean of Students 407-582-2586
East 5-210L
Deputy Coordinator Ruth Ridore Campus Director OD/HR, EAC, WPK, and SPS 407-582-2760
East 7-110B
Deputy Coordinator Corey Evans Coord, Student Conduct & Academic Success 407-582-2346
East 5-210Q
Deputy Coordinator Rob Pigman Assistant Director, East, SPS, WPC 407-582-2346
East 5-220
Lake Nona and Osceola
Deputy Coordinator Melinda Smith Director, Student Services 407-582-7780
Lake Nona 1-149C
Deputy Coordinator Jill Szentmiklosi Dean of Students 407-582-4142
Osceola 2-140D
Deputy Coordinator Lora Lee Johnston Coord, Student Conduct & Academic Success 321-682-4093
OSC 2-105
Deputy Coordinator Lisandra Suarez Lopez Campus Director OD/HR, OSC &LNC 321-682-4710
OSC 1-141C
Deputy Coordinator Misty Ellis Peasley Assistant Director, Security Osceola/LNC 407-582-1047
Osceola 2-109B
West and District Office
Deputy Coordinator Michelle Sever Director, HR Policy & Employee Relations 407-582-8256
District Office 267
Deputy Coordinator Lauren Bojalad Assistant Director, Employee Relations 407-582-8125
DO 269
Deputy Coordinator Carla McKnight Campus Director OD/HR 407-582-1756
West 6-306B
Deputy Coordinator Art King Asst Dir, Security 407-582-1327 
West SSB 170
Deputy Coordinator Ben Lion Dean of Students 407-582-1388
SSB 110
Deputy Coordinator Jason Sininger Coord Student Conduct & Academic Success 407-582-1557
SSB 133


For additional support, you may reach out to BayCare Student Assistance program at 1-800-878-5470 for support, advice, or someone to listen. These services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

BayCare Student Assistance Program

BayCare is a free service available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to Valencia students. For support, advice, or someone to listen please contact the BayCare program at 1-800-878-5470.

Victim Service Center of Central Florida

Victim Service Center provides  individualized services and resources to victims of sexual assault, violent crime and traumatic circumstances, through crisis response, advocacy, therapy and community awareness.



Harbor House of Central Florida

Harbor House works to prevent and eliminate domestic abuse in Central Florida by providing critical life-saving services to survivors, implementing and advancing best practices, and educating and engaging the community in a united front.



Help Now of Osceola

Help Now, Inc. provides temporary safe shelter for survivors of domestic abuse facing imminent danger. Help Now is committed to supporting individuals as they establish violence free living. Our shelter exists in an undisclosed location, and all visitors, residents, and staff must sign and uphold a confidentiality statement preventing them from disclosing the location of the shelter. Help Now will neither confirm nor deny whether any person is residing at our shelter.

Help Now Domestic Abuse Advocates provide quality domestic abuse advocacy to shelter clients and their children, as well as to individuals whom call the Domestic Abuse Crisis Line. The goal of the advocate is to empower survivors to become comfortable with making decisions that are right for them.