During your first few days in Orlando, you will be very busy getting settled into your housing, taking the placement test, attending orientation, and getting prepared for your courses. Below is a list of activities you will undertake during your first week. The order of these events may change but they are listed here to give you an approximate idea of what to expect.

First Week
  • Check into your apartment, hotel, or homestay
  • Become familiar with your neighborhood
  • Go grocery shopping
  • Set up a checking account
  • Take the placement test one week before course begins either at West Campus in Building 10 or at Osceola Campus in the International Village
  • Attend Orientation
  • Meet other new students
  • Buy your books
  • Start the Intensive English Program (make sure to bring your books!) and Cyberlab
  • Class
  • Class and Cyberlab
  • Class
  • Buy any personal items as needed
  • Free time
  • Begin the second week of class