Youth Program - How to Apply

Information for Parents

This program is intended for international students who do not reside in the United States and who wish to visit the United States during a school break. Students generally arrive in groups and are accompanied by chaperones throughout the entire visit. It is expected that these groups will be coordinated through one of our student recruiters in your region.

If you are a parent of a student and are interested in having your child participate in this program please contact a student recruiter that supports your area. Please note that in order to be eligible to receive a Form I-20 for studying in this program, students may only enroll in the June - August timeframe.

Student recruiters can provide you with complete information on the program including housing and transportation. They will also assist you with the registration process. If there is no student recruiter in your area, please contact Izabella Vianna at:

Information for Student Recruiters

If you are a student recruiter and would like to coordinate an ESL for Teens program for students in your country, please review the steps on How to Become an Educational Partner.