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We hope this page will help you navigate the testing process at the downtown campus.

Important Information

  • You will use this Valencia Faculty Link to access your RegisterBlast Account
  • You will need to submit your exam information through a platform called RegisterBlast.
  • RegisterBlast Exam Submissions should be fully completed and submitted three business days prior to your test date to ensure students can follow the 24 hour in advance registration policy.
  • Students in your course(s) that have accommodated testing for separate room, alternate test format, scribe or readers should be done at least 6 days in advance to ensure students make their appointment within the 5 days in advance policy. This will ensure the Testing and Accessibility staff have enough time to support the accommodation.
  • Only courses that are designated or taught on Downtown Campus are eligible for testing services. Courses taught on other campuses must use one of the other Valencia testing centers for exam proctoring.
  • If you are allowing your students to test at other campuses, you will need to submit a referral for those respective campuses through your atlas account.

Course Testing offered at the downtown campus include

  • Valencia Online or Mixed Mode Course with proctored exam
    • A Valencia College faculty member who teaches an online or mixed-mode course designated at the Downtown Campus and requires a proctored test.
    • A Valencia College faculty member who teaches an online or mixed-mode course at any campus that has a student who resides at the Downtown Campus.
  • Valencia College make-up exams
    • Valencia Make-up testing is intended for students who missed a classroom test or quiz due to an extenuating circumstance and have the faculty member’s permission to sit for the test or quiz in the testing center. Faculty must submit all test information and materials to the testing center in advance of the test.

*Face-to-Face course exams will only be proctored for accommodated testing and make-up exams.

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