Testing Center Rules

  1. For faculty course exams, you may use your student ID card or a government issued ID.
  2. For all placement exams, you will need to present government issued photo identification that is valid and not expired. Acceptable forms of identification include:  state ID/License or a federal ID (passport, permanent resident card, employment authorization Card, tribal ID card, certificate of naturalization etc.).
  3. Food and drinks are not allowed in the Testing Center.*
  4. Talking is not allowed in the Testing Center.
  5. No dictionaries, calculators, watches, notes or any other aids are allowed during the test, unless approved by professor or testing staff. You must place all your personal belongings in a storage locker before entering the Testing Center.
    • Calculator cases and covers are not allowed in the testing areas. Calculator instruction cards and booklets must be inspected by the Testing Center staff before entering the testing area.
  6. Scratch paper and a pencil are provided if approved by professor or testing staff; if you need more, please notify a staff member.
  7. You must always remain on the testing website or faculty course platform. You are not allowed to open other windows, browsers, online calculators, or press the start button, unless approved by faculty/testing staff.
  8. Students must bring the appropriate scantron form or blue/green book if one is needed.
  9. Time limits for tests will be strictly enforced. Proofreading, editing and filling out scantrons must be completed within the test time limit.
  10. Neither cell phones nor electronic devices are permitted in the testing areas. Electronic devices must be turned off and cannot be in your possession during the exam. Cheating will be reported to the professor and to Student Conduct.
  11. Hats and sunglasses are not permitted during exams.*  Sweatshirts and jackets with hoods are not to be worn with hood up.
  12. Any student helping another cheat is as guilty as the student assisted. Administrative action and/or disciplinary action will be taken.
  13. All rooms are video monitored.
  14. Students are encouraged to use the restroom before starting an exam. Breaks will be monitored during testing.
  15. Visitors and children are not permitted in the vicinity of the test room during your scheduled test. Proper supervision of small children should be arranged off site prior to testing.
  16. The Testing Center staff reserve the right to end your test early if you become ill or experience a medical emergency during your test.
  17. Firearms and weapons of any kind are not permitted in the Downtown Campus Testing Center as per VC/UCF policy.

 *Items will not be permitted unless approved as an accommodation.

All test sessions at the Testing Center are monitored and recorded to ensure that candidates do not engage in any form of misconduct while in a testing environment. The testing environment may include the check-in area, hallway, and test rooms. Both audio and video may be recorded. The Testing Center maintains each recorded test session for a period of no more than 31 days after the test session and will use the recording for no other purpose than ensuring the proper administration of each test session. By scheduling your exam in the Testing Center, you consent to being videotaped and audio recorded during your test session.