Foreign Language Placement Exam

The purpose of the Foreign Language Placement Exam is to determine foreign language proficiency and corresponding course level at Valencia College using a combination of grammar, reading, and vocabulary questions. In order to achieve the most appropriate placement consistent with language level, students are expected to complete the placement exam to the best of their ability, without the use of textbooks, dictionaries, or any other type of assistance. The placement test is free for registered Valencia students.


Who should take the exam?

Students with knowledge or previous study of French, German, or Spanish who intend to continue studying the language at Valencia. 

Who should NOT take the exam?

Students who wish to receive college credit for courses they are proficient in should not take the placement exam. The WebCAPE merely places students in the appropriate foreign language course and does not count towards college credit.

How the Exam works

After starting the exam, the student enters a password and responds to questions regarding their previous language experience in order to create a student profile. Once the student profile is complete, the computer prepares the student for the test by briefly explaining that the student is to respond to multiple choice questions by typing and confirming the letter of the correct answer. As a student proceeds through the test, the computer selects and displays items based upon his or her responses to previous items. The adaptive testing algorithm has been written so that the first six questions serve as “level checkers.” After the first six items, the test begins to “probe” in order to fine-tune the measurement by increasing or decreasing the difficulty by one level after each response.

The test terminates if 1) the student incorrectly answers four questions at the same difficulty level, or 2) the student answers five questions at the highest difficulty level possible. At the conclusion of the test, the computer displays the performance level of the student.


  • How do I take the exam virtually?
    • Testing is offered online via Zoom. You must fill out the following form: 

Valencia Foreign Language Placement Test - Testing Request Form

Based on your availability, you will be contacted with an appointment date and a Zoom link for testing.

  • General Rules
    • Testing candidates must have an active Valencia application on file.
    • Student must present an unexpired original photo ID acceptable to the Testing Proctor. Acceptable ID's for each test are described below.
    • Other people are not allowed in the room you are testing in. Proper supervision of small children should be arranged prior to testing.
  • Prohibited Items for Virtual Testing:
    • Food, beverages, or tobacco products
    • Hats (unless worn as a religious requirement)
    • Hooded sweatshirts or sweaters
    • Any other unauthorized testing aids
    • Cellular phones/pagers, smart-phones, or wireless communication devices (e.g., iPhone, iPad)
    • Dictionaries, books, pamphlets, or reference materials
    • Digital watches (wrist or pocket), alarm watches, or wristwatch cameras
    • Flash/thumb drives
    • Listening devices such as radios, media players, or recorders
    • Mechanical pencils or any type of pen or highlighter
    • Slide rules, protractors, compasses, or rulers
    • Weapons or firearms

What if I want credit for my foreign language proficiency?

Students may take the CLEP Exam to receive up to 8 credit hours for proficiency in Spanish, French, or German. The CLEP Exam is administered in the Assessment Services Office in Bldg. 5, Rm. 237.

Placement Scores



Elementary Spanish I (SPN1120)


Elementary Spanish II (SPN1121)


Intermediate Spanish I (SPN2200)

500 and above

Intermediate Spanish II (SPN2201)
Eligible for Heritage Speakers (SPN1340)



Elementary French I (FRE1120)


Elementary French II (FRE1121)

Intermediate French I (FRE2200)

403 and above

Intermediate French II (FRE2201)



Elementary German I (FRE1120)


Elementary German II (FRE1121)

390 and above

Take the CLEP Exam (Recommended)