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"Experience is the worst teacher. It always gives the test first and the instruction afterward." - Anonymous

Valencia’s faculty may utilize the Testing Center for proctoring:

Testing Center Memorandum

Faculty Resources

Proctoring Services include:

  • Traditional paper tests
  • Online/computer exams

Quick Tips for testing with us!

Submit current Testing Center Referrals with each exam at least one business day prior to the exam start date and time. You can access testreferrals at our front desk or in your ATLAS account in the faculty tab under faculty tools.

Don’t forget to attach a class roster with each exam referral if you’d like us to administer your exam to more than five (5) students.

Please place your name, preferred return method and time limit (if applicable) on each paper exam, table, chart, and answer sheet you provide. That’s how we know who they belong to and how to get them back to you!

All final exams should be received by us at least two (2) business days before their start date.

Dean approval is required for all entire class exam submissions. Approvals can be requested through the testing center referral form in your ATLAS account. Simply check the “Dean Approval” box and select your department if sending us an exam electronically. Your dean should then email us direct with their approval at eac-testingcenter@valenciacollege.edu.

Please remember, if you have a paper exam and need more than ten (10) copies for students, we ask that you use Print and Design services to make these copies.

Important information to share with your students:

The testing center requires student identification and accepts these forms:

  • Current Valencia College Identification cards
  • Current government issued ID (student must still be able to provide his/her VID number)
  • Current U.C.F. ID.

Upon arrival at the testing center, students should be prepared to provide:

  • Their professor’s name
  • The course in which they are testing
  • The exam information, i.e., (name, number)
  • Cellular phones and smart watches are to be powered off and stowed away in a student’s personal bag or a blue testing center bag provided by testing staff when inside the testing center. Mobile alarms should be turned off as well.
  • When a phone rings inside the testing center the student is asked to stop testing and sign out. Our staff then prepare an academic dishonesty report and sent it to you and your dean.

We’re a first-come, first-serve site! Seating is limited and, therefore, not guaranteed.

Extended wait times may be experienced, especially during peak testing periods. Therefore, students should allot themselves ample time to take and complete their exams.

Reminder: Please advise students to arrive at the Testing Center at least one hour prior to closing. Tests will not be administered within the hour before the Testing Center closes.

Room Reservations

Computer Labs:

  • Before reserving Room 4-122, please check other available computer labs on campus (i.e. 2-305, 2-305A, 2-305B, 6-226, 8-221, 8-243, or 8-244).
  • You may check the availability of the aforementioned computer labs by using Valencia's Room Request Form : Room Request

Testing Computer Lab (4-122) Schedule & Reservations:

  • The Testing Computer Lab is available for presentations and classroom discussions that require computer use of up to 28 students.
  • Please only reserve this room if computer use is the primary need for the classroom discussion.
  • Keep in mind that the Testing Center is the only location on East Campus for students to complete exams. It is the responsibility of the instructor(s) to help maintain the testing atmosphere by facilitating a quiet classroom session when using the room.

To check availability of the Testing Center Computer Lab, click here: View Calendar

To reserve the Testing Center Computer Lab, click here: Room Reservation