Recommended Resources


     Most students that struggle with being successful in college are actually smart enough and have the intelligence to succeed. So why do so many students fail and never finish? Well, the answer isn't as simple as you might think. Hundreds of studies and research projects have been performed in an effort to answer the question. Some progress has been made in identifying what a college student needs in order to be successful and complete their college degree. One of the items discovered is related to what is frequently called "student success skills". From an inability to manage time appropriately to a lack of motivation, these self-management skills are important for success in college and are also crucial for success in a career and life in general.

     "Student success courses help students build knowledge and skills essential for success in college, from study and time-management skills to awareness of campus facilities and support services. When these courses are required, students are more likely to complete courses, earn better grades, have higher overall GPAs, and obtain degrees." [Moore, C., & Shulock, N. (2009). Student progress toward degree completion: Lessons from the research literature. Retrieved from]

Here are some resources we have found to be helpful in developing student success skills: