We offer one-on-one consultations on a walk-in basis for writing, reading, speech, and EAP classes.

For a productive session, our consultants recommend that students arrive with their assignment guidelines and a printed copy of their draft. We recommend students visit at least a few days before the assignment is due, which will ensure ample time to revise after receiving feedback from a consultant. While in a consultation, students are encouraged to actively participate and collaborate by establishing a goal, asking questions, taking notes, and focusing on key areas of concern.


EAP Workshops
EAP Workshops provide non-native speakers additional outside the classroom support and activities with verb tenses, articles, and nouns.

  • Present Simplevs Present Progressive
  • Simple Past vs Perfect Progressive
  • Present Perfect Tense
  • Present Pefect vs Perfect Progressive
  • Nouns
  • Articles

Essay Workshops

Essay Workshops aim to introduce or clarify essay writing concepts from organizing and formatting to revision, helping students better understand the writing process.

  • MLA Style Formatting (PDF)
  • Wordiness (PDF)
  • Revision (PDF)
  • Literary Analysis (PDF)
  • Argument (PDF)
  • MLA Citation Style (PDF)

Grammar Boot Camp

Grammar Boot Camp is a series of six workshops, which help students understand and master basic grammatical concepts and common grammatical errors.

  • Nouns, Pronouns, and Verb Tenses
  • Commas Splices, Fused Sentences, and Fragments
  • Prepositions, Phrases, and Modifiers
  • Subject Verb Agreement
  • Pronoun Agreement, Reference, and Case Errors
  • Commas