Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Student FAQs

What do I bring with me to the Testing Center?

A current Valencia ID or UCF ID is required to sit an exam. No exceptions!

A Valencia ID can be obtained from any Campus Security office.

Valencia College Student Photo ID UCF Student Photo ID

What do I need to know before I come for testing?

  • Your professor's last name. Tests are filed by the professor's name.
  • Supplies your professor allows for your test (textbooks, calculators, notes, etc.). Check with your instructor for details.
  • The deadline date for your test. Most tests are not available after the deadline unless you make special arrangements with your professor in advance.

What are the Testing Center's policies?

  • No electronic devices allowed. Cell phones and all other non-approved electronic devices must be turned off. If you leave the room to answer a phone call or text, your test is considered complete and must be turned in.
  • All materials not used during testing must be placed in the RED VALENCIA TESTING CENTER bag provided during check.
    The Red Valencia Testing Bag
  • No restroom breaks are allowed after you receive your exam until your test is completed!
  • You may not start an exam, then turn it in and return later to complete it. Give yourself plenty of time to complete a test in one sitting. You must take a test after you have seen it - incomplete tests are returned to your professor.
  • All students are expected to comply with the Valencia College academic honesty policy in the student handbook and posted in the Testing Centers.

Policies are subject to change, and may vary from campus to campus.

Consult the full list of West Campus Testing Center rules for more information.

What do I need to do if I want a non-Valencia or non-UCF test proctored?

PLEASE NOTE: Individual proctoring of non-Valencia tests is not arranged through the Testing Center. It is arranged through Continuing Education.

Faculty FAQs

How do I submit a test for a student?

  • Tests can be uploaded through Atlas. Click the "Testing Center Referral Form" link under "Faculty Tools" on the Faculty tab.
  • Or you can visit us in 11-142 for a paper form.

Any Valencia faculty member can use the Testing Center to provide proctoring for makeup tests for individual students, special accommodations tests for students with disabilities, and tests for mixed-mode or online courses. Some of the types of tests proctored are:

  • traditional paper tests
  • computer graded multiple choice tests (ScanTron)
  • online exams through Blackboard
  • other online exams (e.g. Excel)