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Community Programs

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The Peace and Justice Institute offers a variety of programs to help create an inclusive and caring community built on the pillars of respect and nonviolence. PJI continues to partner with Valencia's Continuing Education program to afford members of the community, faculty, and staff opportunities to further their knowledge and understanding of peace studies and community building.

Our calendar of events features workshops, film screenings, guest speakers and scholars, among other important events available for community members. 

The Peace and Justice Institute is also available to facilitate workshops in the community on a wide range of topics related to peace and justice. These workshops can be customized to meet the needs of groups, organizations, agencies, and departments. Get more details about booking a PJI workshop for your organization or business here.

People TalkingPJI provides opportunities for the community to empower others and apply the practices of peace and nonviolence through our dedicated partnerships with local organizations that aims to address inequity and work toward conflict resolution. Through these community partnerships the mission of the Peace and Justice Institute remains steadfast and provides the opportunity to extend our practices into our local and global communities.

PJI regards every community member as a rising peace and justice practitioner and provides the tools for all to be leaders of socially inclusive change and innovation in their circle of influence. The commitments of a peace and justice practitioner are a pathway to building The Culture of Peace and an invitation to becoming an agent of change.

The commitments of a peace and justice practitioner include the following:

  • People HelpingPlaces relationship as central to the work, focusing on the culture of collaboration
  • Encourages a reflective practice to support self-awareness, meaning and purpose, including mindfulness practice and emotional intelligence
  • Addresses conflict as a source and opportunity for growth and transformation
  • Uses the tools of story, dialogue, and peaceful communication while practicing the Principles for How We Treat Each Other
  • Supports a community of inclusive excellence in which all voices are heard and valued
  • Engages in the exploration of the “other” with an acknowledgement of our inherent interdependence
  • Recognizes that there can be no peace without justice for all