Peace and Justice Institute (PJI) Distinction

DistinctionThe Peace and Justice Distinction is one of a number of co-curricular distinctions offered at Valencia College.

The Distinction offers an opportunity for a co-curricular focus in peace and justice to advance his or her personal and professional development. Through the Distinction program, the student will gain awareness, garner interest, and seek additional learning opportunities in Peace and Justice.

The Peace and Justice Distinction offers an entry into the work of the Peace and Justice Institute. Upon completion of the PJI Distinction, the student becomes eligible to be a Peace and Justice Ambassador and/or apply to become a Leadership Fellow (with a $500 stipend per semester) with the Institute.

The Distinction offers a certificate and graduation chord upon completion, honorable mention in the Peace and Justice bi-annual newsletter and recognition at the annual Student Awards Ceremony.

PJI Certification Requirements:

  1. Attend Be the Change skill shop for an overview of the PJI - 10 points
  2. Have a meeting with your Campus Coordinator to receive your information packet - 15 points
  3. Attend 6 PJI on-campus events of the course of one year - 30 points (5points per event)
  4. Attend 2 PJI off-campus events or service learning experience - 20 points (10 points per event)
  5. Create a Capstone Project demonstrating the learnings from PJI - 25 points

Total Points Required 100 points

Email Nicole Valentino at for Spring 2019 registration, inquiries, and information.

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As a result of completing the Peace and Justice Certification you will receive:

  • A special PJI cord to wear at graduation
  • A certificate of completion for your academic portfolio
  • Honorable mention in the PJI bi-annual newsletter
  • Recognition at the Annual Student Awards Ceremony