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Community Resilience Series:
Part 3--Building on the Strengths of ALL Young People
Community Resilience Series:
Part 2--Addressing Risk by Building on Strengths with Dr. Ken Ginsburg
Community Resilience Series:
Part 1--Parenting in an Age of Uncertainty with Dr. Ken Ginsburg
Creating a Resilient Community:
From Trauma to Healing 2020 Virtual Conference (Playlist)
The Power of Resilience-based Strength Focused Communication in Working with Youth, Dr. Kenneth Ginsburg, M.D., M.S. Ed
Building Community Resilience Across FL COVID Response, Dr. Wendy Ellis, PhD., MPH & Harrison Newton
PJI Academy
PJI Conversations on Race & Unity
Peace Day in the Park 2019
2019 ACEs Conference:
Creating a Resilient Community from Trauma to Healing
Valencia College Stands in Solidarity with Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School
1920 Ocoee and Beyond: Paths to Truth and Reconciliation
2016 Orlando Speaks Community Workshop
With Whom Will I Make Peace? -- Jacmel, Haiti Peace Conference 2015
Visioning a Peace and Justice Institute -- February 2014
10 Years of Peace and Justice