PJI Stands in Solidarity with the Ukrainian People

PJI stands in solidarity with the Ukrainian people who will pay an unconscionable price in the geopolitical war that Vladimir Putin is waging against their country.

May the sanctity of our shared humanity and interdependence influence global leaders as they determine how to respond to this tyranny and provide for all refugees with dignity.

Whether it’s a violation of a nation’s sovereignty or a civil war, armed conflict as in Ukraine, Sudan, the Congo, Yemen, Palestine and Iraq is devastating to individuals and families.

Innocents who have no place to go and refugees face dislocation, homelessness, joblessness, family separation, hunger, personal indignities, psychological and physical trauma and terror as tragic consequences of war. Women and children particularly suffer. In this conflict, racism against Nigerians has not stopped at the border.

This war will also have far-reaching effects on food security, among other global resource issues, as Russia and Ukraine supply about a quarter of the world’s wheat, much of it to developing countries, causing more misery.

The world is too connected for any country and its people to be unaffected.

“My humanity is bound up in yours, for we can only be human together.”  

-Desmond Tutu




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