Honoring George Floyd 

Almost a year after the death of George Floyd, a jury in Minnesota delivered a verdict that acknowledged accountability for the senseless killing and provided a measure of justice for his loved ones.

As we continue to grapple with the violence enacted against our brothers and sisters, we recognize that it is difficult to carry the burden of bearing witness to the loss of life and life potential due to discrimination. In times of confusion and hardship, PJI turns to wonder: How did we get here? What will our story be? What is our place in this work? We are also reminded of the sacred duty to act when one sees another person treated wrongfully.

At PJI we commit to building a culture of peace. This means continuing to offer healing spaces for dialogue and human connection, educating people to face our racialized history, and challenging individual biases that keep us distanced from one another and prevent us from honoring our shared humanity. PJI will continue to encourage conversations between communities and law enforcement to prevent tragedies like this in the future and work to build a resilient community of healing and hope.

As part of Valencia College and the Central Florida community, PJI is here to listen and learn from you what is needed to transform our community and nation, so the promise of equal justice, individual dignity, and equal opportunity is realized.




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