Statement in Response to Current Events - The Urgency of Now

We understand why voices unheard would feel incredibly angry about the tragic death of George Floyd and hopeless about the systemic injustice that still prevails in our nation.

As Max Bailey from Denver says, “If you can tell me something better for me to do -- if you can tell me a way that we could change the world without trying to make noise like that, then I'll get out of the streets. If you can show me the path, I will get out of the streets." 

We understand that anger can be a powerful initiator for change as there are many paths that lead to justice, equality, and a shared humanity. As Martin Luther King said, “The supreme task is to organize and unite people so that their anger becomes a transforming force.” 

PJI will facilitate healing circles to create safe spaces for conversations about anger, fears, pain, hopes and responsibilities to each other during these unimaginable times. Also PJI will facilitate workshops on race, bias, white privilege and supremacy, and provide the PJI Academy for Teachers, to support education for systemic change at the college, in the community, and nation. 

Not only is PJI determined to see authentic change, the college president, Sandy Shugart states, “...I long for, and further, insist that everything we plan and do at Valencia includes an explicit and enduring commitment to building a college and a community on a cornerstone of just treatment for every person.”

We understand that we are all in this together and are confronted with “the sense of urgency of now.” PJI, as a part of Valencia College, and the Central Florida region, is here to listen and learn from you what is needed to transform our community and nation, so the “promise” of equal justice, individual dignity and equal opportunity are realized.

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