Community Resilience

Annual Conference

Annual Conference

Creating a Resilient Community: From Trauma to Healing

On April 3, 2019 in partnership with the Early Learning Coalition of Central Florida and the Orange County Health Department, the Peace and Justice Institute convened the first annual Creating a Resilient Community: From Trauma to Healing Conference.  There were 500+ attendees representing stakeholders from Health/Medical, Education, Business, Criminal Justice/Judicial/First Responders, Government/Public Sector, Civic/Faith/Non-Profit and the Healing Arts. The overwhelming response spoke to the need for this work and PJI is committed to be a leader of the ACEs initiative at the college, in the workplace, schools, and the community.

The next Conference will be on April 21st, 2020. Register today!

Community Engagement & Education

Community Engagement & Education

Our piece of the puzzle

Many organizations in Central Florida are doing amazing work around ACEs, trauma-healing and resilience. At the Peace and Justice Institute, our contribution is education, community engagement, and serving as a convener. 

Networks & Resources

Community Resilience Networks & Resources 

Get informed and connected about this important work!

There is so much happening in Central Florida around the Work of ACEs and community resilience that it can be hard to stay in the know. On this page, we will share some key resources about the science of ACEs as well as networks and tangible ways to get involved in our community.