The Creating a Resilient Community (CRC) Network

There is so much happening in Central Florida around the work of PACEs, resilience, and building a trauma informed community! On this page, we will share some background information about the CRC Network as well as some resources and tangible ways to get involved.

Resilient Community Network Logo

Creating a Resilient Community (CRC) Network:

“We are a network collaborating across sectors and communities to transform our region into one of prevention, hope, healing, and resilience for all.”

In Central Florida, a collective impact movement led by Valencia College’s Peace and Justice Institute is underway to create a more resilient, trauma informed, community. 

After the success of the first Creating a Resilient Community: From Trauma to Healing conference in April, 2019, there has been enormous interest in keeping the momentum going around this work in Central Florida between annual conferences. 

With this in mind, strategic planning meetings have been held since 2019 every other month and this group has grown into a network of over 360 individuals from all sectors of Central Florida.  The group, now called the Creating a Resilient Community Network (CRC Network), has defined ourselves as “a network collaborating across sectors and communities to transform our region into one of prevention, hope, healing, and resilience for all.”

Community Engagement & Education

CRC Network Goals:

Horizon Goal: A resilient, trauma-informed Central Florida.

  • Goal 1: Create Shared Understanding about the Science of Positive and Adverse Childhood Experiences and Interventions for Healing.
    • Shared language and understanding of problems and solutions
  • Goal 2: Expand the CRC Network’s Sector Representation, Accountability & Community Leadership
    • Shared accountability
  • Goal 3: Learn, Collaborate & Deepen Connections as a Community Network
    • Shared experiences
  • Goal 4: Leverage Our Impact Through Research, Data, Policy & Advocacy
    • Shared metrics

CRC Network Activities:

Annual Conference - Creating a Resilient Community: From Trauma to Healing:

  • The CRC Network has implemented 3 Creating a Resilient Community: From Trauma to Healing Conferences and we plan to host our 4th conference on April 21 - 22, 2022. More info and registration details can be found HERE

CRC Network Meetings: 

  • The CRC Network meets every other month as a group to learn, grow, and collaborate across sectors.
  • Join the Network: If you are interested in joining the CRC Network and attending future meetings, please fill out this short inquiry FORM. We would love to have you! After you fill out the form you will receive a welcome email and a calendar invite to the next meeting. 

Workshops & Film Screenings:

  • Film Screenings: As of January 2022, the CRC Network has hosted 7 film screenings of Resilience: The Biology of Stress and the Science of Hope, educating 638 people in our community about the impact of ACEs and toxic stress.  
  • Why PACEs Matter Workshops: In 2021, the CRC Network collaboratively created the Why Positive and Adverse Childhood Experiences (PACEs) Matter workshop to address the biggest need around this topic in the community--education! As of January 2022, the CRC Network has offered 14 Why PACEs Matter workshops, reaching 850 people in our community. 
    • If you are interested in requesting this workshop for your organization, fill out this FORM

Community Resilience Common Read Initiative: 

  • This virtual book club was created to encourage a common read of books related to the theme of "Creating a Resilient Community: From Trauma To Healing".
  • As of 2022, the Community Resilience Common Read has grown to nearly 300 community members and we have read and discussed the following books together:
    • 2022: What Happened to You? by Dr. Bruce Perry and Oprah Winfrey (CURRENT COMMON READ BOOK)
    • 2021: Childhood Disrupted by Donna Jackson Nakazawa
    • 2020: Building Resilience in Children and Teens by Dr. Kenneth Ginsburg
    • 2019: The Deepest Well by Dr. Nadine Burke Harris
  • Join the Common Read HERE

PACEs Connection Central Florida:

  • PACEs Connection Central Florida is an online space for community members, professionals, and leaders to collaborate across sectors in a movement to prevent Adverse Childhood Experiences, heal from trauma, and build resilience in Central Florida.  Members can make blog posts, share related events on a community calendar and even track ACES science presentation data. 
  • Join PACEs Connection Central Florida: 

What Does This Look Like In Action?

Beyond all of the collaborative activities mentioned above, people often ask what this work looks like in action within the community. Here are just a few examples:

    • Public Safety:
      • Re-envisioning the police academy curriculum to include information about PACEs, trauma informed practices, and toxic stress.
      • Advocating for programs like: Co-Patrol (mental health counselors riding along with Police),  Handle with Care - if a child experiences violence with any interaction with the police, they must notify the school to "handle the student with care."
    • Criminal Justice:
      • Training judges, the state attorney's office, and the public defender’s office in the science of PACEs.
    • Education:
      • Educating future professionals in our community about PACEs and trauma before they get into the workforce.
    • Health/Wellness:
      • Local pediatricians screening children for ACEs to better understand their health and offer resources for prevention and healing.
    • Child Welfare/Faith/Nonprofit:
      • Making sure every person that touches the life of a child within existing systems is aware of the impact of toxic stress on a child’s developing body and brain.
    • Government:
      • Supporting municipalities to create trauma informed policy, programs, and decision making processes.
    • Business:

And the list goes on and on because through the network we are able to facilitate the relationships, collaboration and conversations needed to actualize meaningful change TOGETHER in the community. 


Additional Resources on Resilience, PACEs and Trauma Healing


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