PJI Commitments

Commitments of a Peace and Justice Practitioner

PJI regards every community member as a rising peace and justice practitioner and provides the tools for all to be leaders of socially inclusive change and innovation in their circle of influence. The commitments of a peace and justice practitioner are a pathway to building the culture of peace and an invitation to becoming an agent of change.

Commitments of a Peace and Justice Practitioner

  • Places relationship as central to the work, focusing on the culture of collaboration.
  • Encourages a reflective practice to support self-awareness, meaning and purpose, including mindfulness practice and emotional intelligence.
  • Addresses conflict as a source and opportunity for growth and transformation.
  • Uses the tools of story, dialogue, and peaceful communication while practicing the Principles for How We Treat Each Other.
  • Supports a community of inclusive excellence in which all voices are heard and valued.
  • Engages in the exploration of the “other” with an acknowledgement of our inherent interdependence.
  • Recognizes that there can be no peace without justice for all.
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