Community Partnerships

Gilmore Eshma

From left: John Gilmore (GKTW) and Eshma Harry (City Year Orlando)

Valencia recognizes its role in providing service to the community. Collaboration between Valencia and community organizations strengthens our community by meeting needs in creative ways.

Benefits of Service Learning for the Community:

Through service learning, community agencies will

  • Provide increased direct aid, human interaction, and personal empowerment to people in need.
  • Develop short and long term solutions to pressing community needs.
  • Gain the opportunity to participate in an educational partnership.
  • Enhances the relationships with the college.
  • Increase positive exposure in the community.
 Download our Agency Listing of Community Partners

Are you a community partner in the Orlando vicinity and not listed on our Agency Listing? If so, please contact the Office of Curriculum Initiatives at

Memo of Understanding

The  Memo of Understanding is a legal binding document that must be signed be each community partner before the student(s) begin their service project. The completed form should be sent to the Office of Curriculum Initiatives where it will be kept on file for three consecutive years.

Attention: The Office of Curriculum Initiatives

Address: 1768 Park Center Drive Orlando, FL 32835

Community partners can also scan and e-mail the signed form to the

Project Scopes:

The Project Scope Form provides a framework for service projects intended for students enrolled in SLS2940 or SLS2940 (H). The form can be downloaded using the link below and should be completed by the organization where the project will take place. If you have questions about the form, please contact The Office of Curriculum Initiatives at

Steps for community partners:

  1.  Download the form here (you may need to save the form to your desktop before editing)
  2. Complete the form and save it to your desktop
  3. E-mail the completed form to the Office of Curriculum Initiatives, Attn. The Office of Curriculum Initiatives, at
  4. Approved forms will be available on the Service Learning webpage
Course Curriculum:

Students completing SLS2940 or SLS2940H are required to complete the assignments below to fulfill the course requirements.

SLS2940 & SLS2940H Course Materials
  1.  Course Syllabus
  2.  Detailed Course Schedule
  3.  Listing of Community Partners
  4.  Student/Community Partner Agreement Form
  5.  Attendance Sheet
  6.  Goal Setting
  7.  Pre-Service Assignment
  8.  Post-Service Assignment
  9.  Journal Assignments and,
  10.  Community Partner Evaluation

Service Learning Advisory Board

The Service Learning Advisory Board is comprised of college-wide and campus administration, faculty, staff, students, and community partners. The board convenes once a semester to discuss the progress and plans for the strategic goals. The Advisory Board is coordinated through the Office of Curriculum Initiatives.

Strategic Goals
  1. Goal 1 | Curricular Review and Enhancement
  2. Goal 2 | Increase Student Involvement in SLS2940 and SLS2940H Courses
  3. Goal 3 | Increase the Number of Courses that Incorporate Service Learning
  4. Goal 4 | Expand College and Community Partnerships
  5. Goal 5 | Recognize and Celebrate Service Learning Participants
  6. Goal 6 | Increase Funding for Service Learning
  7. Goal 7 | Establish a Process Between the Director of Curriculum Initiatives and the campus administration for Scheduling Service Learning Sections and Data Collection
Past Advisory Board Agenda & Minutes
  1.  February 2018
  2.  March, 2017
  3.  October, 2016
  4.  May, 2016
  5.  January, 2016
  6.  September, 2015
  7.  May, 2015
  8.  January, 2015
  9.  September, 2014
  10.  May, 2014
  11.  January, 2014
  12.  September, 2013
  13.  May, 2013
  14.  January, 2013
  15.  September, 2012
  16.  July, 2012