Serve Your Community. Earn College Credits

Benefits of Service Learning
  • LEARN through hands-on work in a non-profit community environment.
  • EXPLORE career options, gain work experience and make job contacts.
  • DEVELOP connections with people of diverse cultures and lifestyles.
  • IMPROVE self-confidence by becoming an active citizen in your community.
  • EARN recognition for service projects with a special medallion at graduation.
    • Bronze medallion: 40 service hours
    • Silver medallion: 60 service hours
    • Gold medallion: 80-100 service hours
 Download the Service Learning Brochure

Service Learning Courses at Valencia

SLS2940 & SLS2940H

Students receive 1 credit hour for every 20 service hours they complete. Students are expected to meet with their faculty mentor periodically throughout the semester and complete extensive research and reflection on their service experience.

SLS2940 & SLS2940H Course Materials
  1.  Course Syllabus
  2.  Detailed Course Schedule
  3.  Listing of Community Partners
  4.  Student/Community Partner Agreement Form
  5.  Attendance Sheet
  6.  Goal Setting
  7.  Pre-Service Assignment
  8.  Post-Service Assignment
  9.  Journal Assignments and,
  10.  Community Partner Evaluation

Students receive 1 elective credit for every 20 service hours they complete. Students complete extensive research and reflection on their service experience under the guidance of a trained faculty mentor.

Integrated Classes

Faculty choose to integrate a service project into a traditional course. Students work with their peers to complete a direct, indirect, or advocacy project with a community partner. Students gain service hours on their transcripts without additional college credits . For a list of available courses, please visit the Credit Class Schedule Search and check the box for Service Learning.

Sample Service Projects
  • Peace and Justice Ambassadors | PJI offers a Service Learning course in the Fall 2015 term on East Campus. The course supports the Peace and Justice Ambassadors program and gives students a chance to work closely with the PJI, train and serve as peace and justice leaders, and earn service learning credit. Ambassadors will meet as a group on Thursday afternoons from 2:30 – 3:45 pm during the fall semester and will be involved in all of the PJI events.  Click here to view the course flyer.
  • Give Kids the World (click the document below to get the project overview):
  • Solar Suitcase Technical Project
    • Learn how to design and build a “solar suitcase” (portable 12V DC solar power system) that will be then shipped abroad to be utilized within the Developing World. You will also be simultaneously mentoring and updating 5th grade students on the progress of the various design and final testing phases of your solar suitcase under the guidance of a west campus professor from Valencia’s Division of Engineering, Computer Programming, and Technology.
    • Service Learning Projects
  • Pine Ridge Reservation | In April of 2013, eleven students and four faculty members (Stacey DiLiberto, Stephanie Frueler, Christie Miller and Michael Robbins) from the Osceola Campus traveled to the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in southwest South Dakota as part of a service learning course within the Seneff Honors College Leadership Track. The group volunteered their time with RE-MEMBER, a non-profit organization that coordinates volunteers with the Oglala Lakota Nation on the Pine Ridge Reservation for non-evangelical outreach projects. Watch video to hear more about their trip.
  •  Orlando Cloisters Apartments (click on name to view project scope)
  • Top 10 Reasons Millenials Should Volunteer with IDignity
International Service Learning

The offices of Curriculum Initiatives and Study Abroad and Global Experiences are excited to now offer International Service Learning trips. Four students will be traveling to a remote part of Spain in the summer 2016 term with Professor Sarah Melanson to partner with elementary schools in the region. In addition, we are in the process of planning trips to Central and/or South America for the 2017 year. More information will be provided on our website soon.

Steps to Serve

Project Submission Form

Project Scopes

The Project Scope Form provides a framework for service projects intended for students enrolled in SLS2940 or SLS2940 (H). The form can be downloaded using the link below and should be completed by the organization where the project will take place. If you have questions about the form, please contact Bonnie Clum at

Steps for community partners:

  1.  Download the form here
  2. Complete the form and save it to your desktop
  3. E-mail the completed form to the Office of Curriclum Initiatives, Attn. Bonnie Clum, at
  4. Approved forms will be available on the Service Learning webpage
Completed Project Scope Forms
  1.  Cathedral Cloisters, Inc.