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Testing Center


Failure to comply with these regulations gives the test administrator the right to collect test materials and return them to the instructor.

Before Entering the Testing Center

  • Students must have their Valencia ID card for testing purposes.
  • No tests are distributed the last hour before closing under any circumstances.
  • Finish food and drinks before entering the testing room.

Technology Policy

  • No electronic devices allowed. Cell phones and all other electronic devices must be turned off.
  • If you are taking an online test, you will be required to use the Testing Center computers and will not be allowed to use your own laptop computer.

During the Test

  • Read instructions carefully before you begin your test. If you are not sure of directions, check with a testing staff at the counter.
  • You are responsible for monitoring your own time for an exam.
  • Talking to other students in the Testing Center is cause for an accusation of cheating.
  • All students are expected to comply with the Valencia Academic Honesty policy.

Notes and Scratch Paper

  • Any resources to be used during the exam must be arranged by your instructor with the Testing Center Staff.
  • Any test(s) which permits the use of notes, the notes must be hard copies - you may not use notes stored on an electronic device.
  • All scratch paper must be turned in with the exam.
  • You may not write down any information from the test and take it out of the Testing Center.

Leaving the Testing Center

  • Once you receive your test, you will not be allowed to leave the Testing Center.
  • Once a test is handed in, it cannot be returned to you for any reason.
  • If you leave the room without permission of the test proctor, your exam will be considered complete and must be turned in.
  • Restroom breaks are not permitted during a test. Please make a restroom stop before you come to the Testing Center.
  • Tests will be collected five minutes before closing time.



Each Testing Center has its own policy regarding acceptable identification for test-taking. Please check the center you plan to test with before arriving for your exam.


College Closed Dates

Memorial Day
May 28, 2018
Labor Day
September 3, 2018
Thanksgiving Holiday
November 21, 2018 - November 25, 2018
Winter Break
December 21, 2018 - January 1, 2019