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Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology

Bachelor of Science (B.S.) Degree

The Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree at Valencia College will prepare students for an advanced career in electrical engineering or computer engineering.

Our program was developed in partnership with Central Florida High-Tech and Engineering Industries and incorporates the same state-of-the-art equipment found in the research and development departments of major companies. This better prepares students to meet both industry demands and employer expectations by the time they graduate. And with small class sizes, they'll get the same individual instruction and support that they've come to expect from Valencia College.

All courses are held on West Campus.

Valencia College is the only school in Central Florida to offer a bachelor's degree in electrical and computer engineering technology.


  • Computer Systems
  • Electrical/Electronic Systems

Program Mission

The mission of the electrical and computer engineering technology program is to offer quality engineering and technology education. Its graduates will develop the essential skills that will help them excel requirements of the industry, and become productive professionals and leaders by reaching out to community and the profession through innovative services and solutions.

Program Educational Objectives

BSECET program graduates will:

  • Possess the technical and professional skills to have successful careers in regional, state or national industries related to their discipline.
  • Have a broad understanding of concepts applied to their discipline and use this knowledge to analyze engineering and technology problems to develop optimum solutions.
  • Communicate and work in cross-functional teams while adhering to high standards of ethics and professional responsibility.
  • Expand their capabilities and knowledge of contemporary issues and changing technologies through lifelong learning experiences including higher education, professional training and service to community.

Program Learning Outcomes (Student Outcomes)

Upon graduation, a student will be able to:

  1. Select and apply the knowledge, techniques, skills and modern tools of the discipline to broadly-defined engineering technology activities;
  2. Select and apply a knowledge of mathematics, science, engineering and technology to engineering technology problems that require the application of principles and applied procedures or methodologies;
  3. Conduct standard tests and measurements; to conduct, analyze and interpret experiments; and to apply experimental results to improve processes;
  4. Design systems, components or processes for broadly-defined engineering technology problems appropriate to program educational objectives;
  5. Function effectively as a member or leader on a technical team;
  6. Identify, analyze and solve broadly-defined engineering technology problems;
  7. Apply written, oral and graphical communication in both technical and non-technical environments; and an ability to identify and use appropriate technical literature;
  8. Understand the need for and an ability to engage in self-directed continuing professional development;
  9. Make a commitment to address professional and ethical responsibilities including a respect for diversity;
  10. Understand the impact of engineering technology solutions in a societal and global context;
  11. Ensure a commitment to quality, timeliness and continuous improvement.

Potential Careers

Computer Systems:

  • Computer Systems Engineer
  • Systems Development Engineer
  • Software Systems Engineer
  • Networking and Communication Systems Engineer

Electrical/Electronic Systems:

  • Electrical Engineer
  • Wireless Communication Systems Engineer
  • Electronic Systems Engineer
  • Power Systems Engineer
  • Control Systems Engineer

Enrollment and Graduation Numbers

Program Enrollment and Graduation

Academic Year Enrollment Graduation
2011-12 76 N/A
2012-13 104 7
2013-14 138 10
2014-15 156 19
2015-16 178 15
2016-17 180 29
2017-18 183 24

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Career Program Advisor: Nancy Girgis