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Policies & Procedures

Notices of Rule Development

Policy 6Hx28: 1-12 Educational Affordability

Policy 6Hx28: 3C-07 Staff and Program Development Funds

Policy 6Hx28: 3C-09 Waiver of Matriculation or Tuition Fees for Spouses and Dependents of Faculty and Staff

Policy 6Hx28: 3D-03 Total Rewards: Vacation, Sick, and Personal Leave for Full Time Employees

Policy 6Hx28: 3D-06.2 Fitness for Duty

Policy 6Hx28: 3E-05.2 Ethical Conduct and Performance

Policy 6Hx28: 5-05 College Vehicles

Policy 6Hx28: 5-10 Bidding Requirements

Policy 6Hx28: 5-13 Signatures

Policy 6Hx28: 9-06 Grant Funding

Policy 6Hx28: 10-01 Incidents, Accidents or Injuries

Policy 6Hx28: 10-02 Trespass Warning/Arrest

Policy 6Hx28: 10-03 Fire or Other Emergency

Policy 6Hx28: 10-04 Firearms on Campus

Policy 6Hx28: 10-05 Smoking Regulations

Policy 6Hx28: 10-07 Parking and Vehicle Traffic

Policy 6Hx28: 10-09 Child Abuse Reporting

Policy 6Hx28: 11-02 Animals and Pets


Notices of Rule Adoption

Policy 6Hx28: 3E-05.2 Ethical Conduct & Performance


Notices of Rule Repeal


Recently Adopted Policies

Policy 6Hx28: 3B-03 Recruitment and Selection of Employees

Policy 6Hx28: 3C-01 Total Rewards: Employee Compensation

Policy 6Hx28: 3C-04 Total Rewards: Recognition of Full-Time Employees for Educational Advancement

Policy 6Hx28: 3C-08 Total Rewards: Benefits

Policy 6Hx28: 3C-06-1 Contracts for Administrative and Instructional Employees

Policy 6Hx28: 3D-05 Sick Leave Pool

Policy 6Hx28: 3D-06.1 Family/Medical Leave

Policy 6Hx28: 3D-14 Paid Time Off for Part Time Faculty Teaching Academic Credit Programs

Policy 6Hx28: 3E-01 Full-Time Employee Performance Evaluation

Policy 6Hx28: 3F-02 Terminal Pay

Policy 6Hx28: 3F-03 Suspension, Dismissal, Return to Annual Contract or Non-Renewal of Contract

Policy 6Hx28: 3E-05.5 Tutoring

Policy 6Hx28: 4-16 Award of Degrees and Certificates

Policy 6Hx28: 8-02 Admissions

Policy 6Hx28: 10-7.2 Non-Motorized Vehicles on Campus


Recently Repealed Policies

Policy 6Hx28: 3A-01 Job Description for Personnel of the College

Policy 6Hx28: 3A-02.1 Definition of Administrative, Instructional, and Professional

Policy 6Hx28: 3A-02.2 Definition of Full-Tiime Employment - Instructional and Administrative Employees

Policy 6Hx28: 3A-02.3 Definition of Career Service Employees

Policy 6Hx28: 3A-02.4 Definition of Full-Time Employment for Career Service Employees

Policy 6Hx28: 3A-03 Classification of Career Service Positions

Policy 6Hx28: 3A-04.1 Part-Time Personnel

Policy 6Hx28: 3A-04.2 Part-Time Instructional Personnel

Policy 6Hx28: 3C-01.1 Hours of Work for Instructional and Administrative Employees

Policy 6Hx28: 3C-02.1 Hours of Work for Career Service Employees

Policy 6Hx28: 3C-02.2 Recording of Hours Worked - Career Service Employees

Policy 6Hx28: 3C-02.3 Overtime Compensation for Career Service Employees

Policy 6Hx28: 3C-02.4 Night Shift Differential

Policy 6Hx28: 3C-02.5 Payment to Career Service Employees for Holidays Worked

Policy 6Hx28: 3C-03.1 Payroll Deduction Authorization

Policy 6Hx28: 3C-03.2 Payroll Deductions for Dues for Certain Employee Organizations

Policy 6Hx28: 3C-04.1 Salary Schedule

Policy 6Hx28: 3C-04.3.1 Pay of Instructional Personnel Receiving Advanced College Credit

Policy 6Hx28: 3C-04.3.2 Pay of Professional and Administrative Personnel Receving Advanced College Credit

Policy 6Hx28: 3C-05 Transfer from Temporary Grant-Funded Position to a College-Funded Position

Policy 6Hx28: 3C-06.2 Supplemental and Overload Contracts

Policy 6Hx28: 3-C13 Optional Retirement Programs

Policy 6Hx28: 3D-01 Paid Non-Duty Days

Policy 6Hx28: 3D-08 Partial Leave

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