Payment Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Please Note: If there is any balance remaining on your account, after the last day to pay, and arrangements have not been made to defer your fees, you may be deleted from ALL registered course work.

How can I pay for classes?


  • Pay online through your Atlas account
    Log into Atlas
    Click on Students
    Click on Account Summary and Tuition Payment Options
    Click on Submit your Credit Card Payment Online or Sign up for a TIP Payment Plan.
  • Mail your payment to address
    Post Office Box 4913, Orlando, Florida 32802. Make sure it will be received (not postmarked) prior to the last day to pay.
  • Pay in person
    Go to any of the Business Office locations.
  • Parents and authorized users
    Go to Valencia ePayment login with your user name and password.


Where can I find out how much money I owe the college?

You can get that information on your Atlas account.

I'm a parent and I want to pay for my child's classes before he/she loses them. How can I pay?

Payment is ultimately the responsibility of the student. Due to federal regulation, the college is unable to release information without the students' permission. For further details, click on the following link:

The student may create a Parent PIN for any person he/she wishes to provide the ability to view his/her current balance and make secure online payments by electronic check or credit card. Only the student can create Parent PINs and reset passwords for these accounts. The student may also inactivate a Parent PIN at any time at his/her discretion.

To create a Parent PIN:

  1. Login to Atlas
  2. Click on Student tab
  3. Under the “Student Resources” click to expand "Business Office"
  4. Click on "Account Summary and Tuition Payment Options"
  5. Click on "Submit Your Payment Online"
  6. Click on "Add New" under Parent PINs to create an account
  7. If a Parent or Authorized User has been setup by the Student, log onto Valencia ePayment to make a payment.

I know my tuition check has been returned, and I want to pay my tuition now so I will not lose my classes (Valencia shows no record of this check being returned).

Wait for notification from Valencia before you proceed to pay for your classes. Checks are automatically redeposited by our bank. If the check is returned to us, we will void the initial payment and send you notification of when the account must be settled. There will be an additional charge for the returned check added to your account, and you must pay either by credit card or cash. No personal checks will be accepted for payment of this debt.

What is the last day for me to drop classes and get a 100% refund?

Click here to view current schedule for payment and refund dates.

I registered for classes on the Internet and the charges are too high. Why?

In-state fees are $103.06 per credit hour and the out of state fees are $390.96 per credit hour. Any special fees associated with a class are designated by the department and the amount is listed in the college catalog by the course description. You can learn more about the fee schedule by visit our Important Dates page. If you are attempting a class for the third time, you could be getting charged the full cost of instruction. If residency is your problem, you must visit the Answer Center for clarification.

Why do I have to pay a Financial Aid fee if I don't get Financial Aid?

All students pay these fees. They are mandated by the State of Florida legislature. Go to Title XLVIII Chapter 1009-23. See #8A (Financial Aid).

Why do I have to pay Student Activities fees? I don't participate in any clubs.

All students pay these fees. They are mandated by the State of Florida legislature. Go to Title XLVIII Chapter 1009-23. See #7 (Student Activities).

What forms of payment are acceptable for payment of classes?

Valencia College accepts cash, American Express, Discover, MasterCard, Visa, money orders and personal checks. Checks must be made payable to Valencia College.

My employer wants to pay for my classes. What do I need to do?

If all or part of your tuition is being paid by an approved external agency (ex. Vocational Rehabilitation or Workforce of Central Florida), you must present your current term form of authorization (letter, voucher, etc) within the payment timeframe (see Payments and Refund Dates). If your employer is not an approved agency, they will need to contact Valencia's accounts receivable department to set up an agreement.

Where do I get a VA deferment?

Visit the Financial Aid Services Office at any campus.


If I register late, what is the charge?

Students who register for the first time after payment deadline or dropped for all classes for non-payment will be assessed a $50.00 Late Registration Fee. Important Dates & Deadlines

My employer needs a detailed receipt of classes paid. Where can I get one?

It can be requested through any campus Business Office.