Third Party Payments

Frequently Asked Questions

I have a third-party sponsorship to pay my tuition, but I do not see the contract payment on my account.  What should I do?

  • If you are being sponsored by Vocational Rehabilitation, contact your counselor to verify that the authorization form has been submitted to the accounts receivable department at  If the counselor has indicated that the form has been submitted, check the accounts balance page of your Atlas account to check that contract payment has been processed.  If you still do not see the credit for vocational rehabilitation that you expect, visit the Business Office or call 407-582-1365.   
  • If you have a Florida Prepaid College plan, please refer to the Florida Prepaid page for additional information. 
  • If your sponsoring organization has not established a relationship with the college, a representative will need to submit a  Third Party Contract Letter of Intent as described in the Third Party Sponsor section.  Please note that the submission of the Third Party Contract Letter of Intent does not guarantee that organization will become an approved sponsor.  

 Vocational Rehabilitation is paying for my classes. What do I need to do?

Your counselor should submit your authorization form to Valencia's accounts receivable department to credit your account. Check the account balance page of your Atlas account to ensure proper credit has been given. You may also visit the Business Office at any campus.