Valencia Terms & Conditions

Acceptance of the following terms and conditions are being set forth as an additional requirement to use the Valencia College, Tuition Installment Plan.

1. I authorize Valencia College to alter my TIP agreement, to equal the total of all tuition, fees and bookstore charges due on my account for the current term.

2. I understand that if Financial Aid is awarded before or after my agreement has been established, adjustments and changes will be made to the account. If Financial Aid is insufficient to cover the remaining balance, my payment obligation will continue with Nelnet Business Solutions. If Financial aid is sufficient to cover my entire balance, my Tuition Installment Plan will be reduced to zero ($0.00) and no payments will be due to Nelnet Business Solutions (Effective Fall 2009 ).  I also understand that after a certain date during the semester, my TIP agreement will not change upon receiving financial aid.  I will receive a refund in the full amount of my financial aid when posted to my account and will make payments to Nelnet Business Solutions as scheduled. 

3. I am personally liable to Valencia College for any tuition, fee and bookstore charge debts that remain on my account as a result of the following:

  • I am in default of my TIP agreement with Nelnet Business Solutions and all monies due have been transferred back to my Valencia account.
  • I have added a class(es) after the Increment deadline and my TIP agreement could not be updated for the new balance.
  • I have charged books against my financial aid instead of my TIP agreement.
  • I terminated my TIP agreement and I must pay my tuition and fees to Valencia College by the payment deadline or my registration will be deleted.

4. A refund of payments made to my TIP agreement will be returned to Valencia College within 45 - 60 days from the Add/Drop deadline. Valencia College will then refund the student, not the responsible party on the TIP agreement (if the two are not the same) through HigherOne based upon the college's existing refund policy.

5. Failure to pay fees owed on my TIP agreement, or otherwise defaulting on the agreement, will result in a financial hold placed on my Valencia account. This action will prevent me from receiving grades or transcripts and will also prevent me from registering in a future term at Valencia.