Tuition Installment Plan (TIP)

Valencia College offers a Tuition Installment Plan (“TIP”) through a contract with a third party provider, Nelnet Business Solutions, Inc. (“Nelnet”), for students requiring assistance with paying for tuition and book expenses over a period of time which extends past the term payment deadline.  

Available Plan options are based on the point in time that the student enrolls in the Tuition Installment Plan. Except for a student under an active contract that is not in default, the availability or any other component of the Plan may change based on Nelnet’s sole and absolute discretion. All changes are effective as of the date determined by Nelnet. Valencia does not guarantee the ongoing availability of the TIP program and cannot provide advance notice of changes as all decisions are made exclusively by Nelnet.

Nelnet will be responsible for your enrollment, as well as receiving your scheduled monthly payments. Please review Nelnet Business Solutions Terms and Conditions and Valencia Terms and Conditions for additional information before you decide to enroll in a TIP agreement.

Important Dates

Fall 2020 Tuition Installment Plan

TIP registration begins Tuesday, July 23
First day to purchase books ($400 credit limit) Monday, July 27
Valencia fee payment deadline  Friday, August 14
TIP registration ends Monday, August 31
Guarantee Date Thursday, September 10
Last day to purchase books Monday, August 31
Last day to increase, decrease or terminate a contract Monday, August 31
First deposit received for Terminated Agreements/Not Guaranteed Friday, September 18
Second deposit received for Tuition Overpayment/Guaranteed Monday, November 9


Important Dates and Deadlines

For more important dates take a look at the Business Office Important Deadlines, or click on the Valencia's Collegewide Important Dates & Deadlines.

Important Dates & Deadlines



In order to sign up a TIP agreement, you must have a valid checking of savings account at a U.S. financial institution, or a credit or debit card accepted by Nelnet.  Your monthly payments will automatically be processed by Nelnet using the payment information you provided. A one-time non-refundable enrollment fee per term will be charged by Nelnet depending on the date of your enrollment. (Please refer to the Payment Plan chart in TIP Payments section.) You need a minimum student account balance of $50 in order to sign up. The maximum amount of the TIP agreement, established at the sole discretion of Nelnet, is $4,500 for all students.

To sign up a TIP agreement, follow these easy steps:

  • Sign into your Atlas account.
  • Click on the "Students" tab.
  • Under the "Student Resources" section, click on “Business Office” to expand selection
  • Click “Account Summary and Tuition Payment Options”
  • Under the heading, "To Make a Payment," Click on "Sign up for a Payment Plan."
  • It will ask you to make note of your account balance and then lead you through the application process.

Add/Drop Classes

Once you have enrolled in a TIP agreement, adjustments will automatically be made if you add or drop courses. These adjustments will either increase or decrease your TIP balance and monthly payments, so no action is required by you.  You will receive a notice via email each time there is a change to your account.

Check the deadline dates for TIP agreement adjustments in the Tuition Installment Plan Important Dates section.

Financial Aid Students

If Financial Aid is posted on your Valencia student account before you enroll in your TIP, your TIP account will be set up for the remaining balance due, if financial aid does not cover all of your tuition and fees up to the $4,500 agreement maximum. 

If Financial Aid is posted on your Valencia’s account after you enroll in TIP, one of the following will occur:

  • If your Financial Aid is enough to cover the remaining balance on your TIP account, your balance will be reduced to zero, and there will be no other payments due to Nelnet.
  • If your Financial Aid is not enough to cover your remaining balance on your TIP account, your balance will be reduced by the amount of the Financial Aid awarded, and a lesser payment will be due monthly.

You will receive a notice via email each time there is a change to your account.


Agency Sponsored (3rd Party) Students

If you enroll in a TIP agreement before receiving your agency authorization, please be aware that the authorization amount may only cover part or none of the tuition balance. You are still responsible for paying any monies owed to Nelnet.



Valencia College will not be able to make any changes to your agreement after a certain date each term. Check the deadline dates for TIP agreement adjustments in the Tuition Installment Plan Important Dates section.

Book Purchases

You have the option to purchase books with a credit limit of $400 using your TIP. This credit is only available for use in Valencia College Campus Store. In order to use this feature, you must wait 24 hours after the plan has been established. Once books are purchased under this plan, the TIP balance and the monthly payments will increase accordingly.

Your total TIP amount used for tuition, fees and books may not exceed the agreement maximum of $4,500 established at the sole discretion of Nelnet.


TIP Payments

Fall 2020 Payment Plans

Payment plan available on July 23, 2020

Last Day to Enroll Online

  Required Down Payment (IMMEDIATE)

Number of Payments

Months of Payments

Non- Refundable Enrollment Fee

August 9, 2020



Aug, Sept & Oct


August 31, 2020



Sept & Oct



Down Payment

Along with the non-refundable enrollment fee, a down payment amount will be processed from your bank or credit/debit card account that you provided to Nelnet. The down payment will be processed immediately upon establishing the TIP agreement. The down payment amount is calculated based on your date of enrollment and your tuition balance. If the down payment is not processed successfully as a result of non-sufficient funds, or incorrect account information, your TIP agreement will be terminated immediately and you will owe your full tuition balance to Valencia.

Monthly Payment

Monthly TIP payments will automatically be processed on the 20th of each month by Nelnet using the bank or credit card/debit account information you provided.  You do not need to make any payments to Valencia College or Nelnet. 

If the payment is returned as a result of non-sufficient funds, Nelnet Business Solutions may re-attempt to collect the payment up to 3 times. Nelnet will assess a returned payment fee, determined solely by Nelnet and subject to change, for each returned payment.   It is important that you contact the company immediately to determine the status of the TIP account in the event you default on a scheduled monthly payment. 

TIP Payment Default

Make sure your TIP account with Nelnet Business Solutions is current at all times. You can access your TIP account at any time to review your account balance and payment amount.  (Refer to the Manage My TIP Account section for additional information.)

Nelnet has the exclusive right to terminate your agreement at any time due if a payment fails for any reason on or before the Guarantee Date.  You will then need to make payment in full directly to Valencia College with no other payment deferment options.

A financial hold will be placed on your Valencia College student account once you have defaulted on your TIP agreement which will prevent you from receiving an official transcript or enrolling in future terms until balance is paid in full.  Valencia Terms & Conditions or additional information.

Manage My TIP Account

Accessing Your TIP Account

If you have already created a TIP agreement for the current registration term, you can access your personal account information at This site allows you to:

  • View agreement history
  • View remaining balance and payment amount
  • View returned payments
  • Change payment method
  • Update demographic information
  • Update email address
  • Change access code
  • Add additional authorized parties
  • View Nelnet Business Solutions Terms and Conditions

First Time User Account Setup

Registration for an account requires three pieces of information provided in your confirmation letter you received from Nelnet.

  • NBS Agreement Number
  • Access Code
  • Institution Identification

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the TIP account set up process, please contact Nelnet at 1-800-609-8056.

Business Hours: Monday - Thursday 7:30am - 7:00pm (CST)
Friday 7:30am - 5:00pm (CST)