Financial Aid Authorization

Federal Student Aid Payment Authorization Instructions

Federal financial aid is automatically authorized to pay for your tuition and fees, but you must submit a one-time authorization if you plan to use federal financial aid to pay for your books, supplies and other charges at Valencia College. Valencia must pay the resulting credit balance directly to the student or parent if applicable.

Submitting Your Financial Aid Authorization

If you would like for the college to deduct payment for non-tuition charges from your financial aid, use Atlas to submit your authorization as follows:

  • Click on the Students tab
  • Click on "Financial Aid" found under STUDENT RESOURCES
  • Click on Federal Student Aid Payment Authorization

Please check your Atlas email account for correspondence from the college. For more information, visit the Financial Aid site.

College Cost

Cost of attendance (COA) is an estimate of expenses you might encounter while attending Valencia College. Your COA includes more than just tuition and fees. Financial Aid is available to assist with your cost of attendance. 

Non-Tuition Expenses

If you plan to use your federal financial aid to pay for charges other than tuition and fees at Valencia, please read the information below:

  • Tuition and fees will automatically be deducted from your financial aid before any refund will be made.
  • If you plan to charge your books and supplies at the Valencia bookstore against your federal financial aid, you must submit your authorization as shown above.
  • By submitting your authorization, Valencia may deduct payment from federal financial aid for all non-tuition and fee charges. This includes books and supplies charged at the Valencia bookstore, parking fines, etc.
  • Once submitted, your authorization will remain valid for the duration of your attendance at Valencia, unless you rescind your authorization.
  • You may rescind your authorization by completing the Rescission of Authorization Form. By rescinding the authorization you will be unable to charge books, supplies, parking fines, etc. from your financial aid.

Important Note: You are not required to submit an authorization for your non-tuition expenses. But, if you do not authorize Valencia to deduct these payments, you will not be eligible to charge your books and supplies in the Valencia bookstore.