You can make online payments by logging into Atlas. Once logged in please go to the Students tab then click on "Account Summary and Tuition Payment Option" within the Business Office channel then click on "Submit Your Payment Online". This will open a new page which allows to make payments.

Methods of Payment

Valencia College accepts cash, money order, checks, American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa. Checks must be made payable to Valencia College and all credit cards must be signed by the card holder or they will not be accepted if paying in person.

If you are a Financial Aid recipient, eligible award will automatically be credited to your account. It is your responsibility to pay any remainder owed on the account not covered by aid.

Foreign Currency Payments

Valencia College offers an international payment portal option in Atlas for students wishing to pay tuition and fees online in a foreign currency. The international payment portal, powered by Flywire, allows you to pay in foreign currencies online by bank transfer credit/debit cards, and other payment options based on the originating country. For payment instructions, please see our Foreign Currency Payment Information page.

Parent PIN

Payment is ultimately the responsibility of the student. Due to federal regulation, the college is unable to release information without the students' permission. For further details, click on the following link:

The student may create a Parent PIN for any person he/she wishes to provide the ability to view his/her current balance and make secure online payments by electronic check or credit card. Only the student can create Parent PINs. The student may also inactivate a Parent PIN at any time at his/her discretion.

To create a Parent PIN:

Login to Atlas

Click on the "Students" tab

Under “Student Resources” click to expand "Business Office"

Click on "Account Summary and Tuition Payment Options"

Click on "Submit Your Payment Online"

Click on "Add New" under Parent PINs to create an account

If a Parent or Authorized User has been setup by the Student, log onto Valencia ePayment to make a payment.

Third Party Authorization

If all or part of your tuition is being paid by some other agency, (ex. your employer or government agency), you must present your current form of authorization (letter, voucher, etc.) within the payment time frame (see Important Deadline dates).

This form must be for the current term and must explain if all or part of the fees will be paid by that source. Bring this authorization to the Business Office to ensure proper credit is posted to your account. If not presented, a balance will remain on your account and you could be deleted from all classes.

Third Party Authorizations will not be accepted after the last day to drop classes.

Financial Aid Programs

Valencia College offers a variety of programs geared towards Financial Aid assistance.

Visit the Financial Aid Services for more information.