Money Back Guarantee Programs at Valencia College

Money Back Guarantee is a tuition refund program that helps students who complete any of the eligible workforce education programs and are not employed within six months after graduation. The Money-Back Guarantee program is optional. Students who wish to participate in the Money-Back Guaranteed program must meet all of the eligibility criteria listed below.

Eligible Programs

To request a refund for the cost of tuition, a student must graduate from one of the following programs and unable to find employment in their respective industry within six months of completion of the program. The following programs are eligible:

Student Eligibility Criteria

A student is considered eligible if the student is unable to obtain employment in the occupation in which the student was trained within six (6) months of successful completion of the program. Students who wish to participate in the Money-Back Guaranteed program must meet all of the eligibility criteria listed below.

  • The degree program must be fully and successfully completed at Valencia College, and the degree must be awarded by Valencia.
  • Must complete the Program and all required courses with at least a 2.75 GPA.
  • Attend a minimum of 80% of required classes (Health Science programs may have additional attendance requirements which must also be met).
  • Have not repeated a course within their program of study.
  • Have met with their Career Program Advisor and participated in programs offered by the college Career Center at the college. (Resume and cover letter skillshops, employment readiness, job fairs, etc).
  • Be in good financial standing with Valencia College.
  • Be eligible for employment in the United States and meet the employer requirements. (Legally, physically, mentally)
  • Participated and completed work-based opportunities while enrolled at the college (internships, job shadowing, clinicals, on-the-job training, etc.)
  • Within one (1) month of program completion of the eligible program, the student must immediately search and apply for employment and NOT continue enrollment in another program.
  • Be willing to travel or relocate to a new market to obtain employment within the field.
  • Provide evidence of job searches related to the occupation(s) associated with the program of study.
  • Provide evidence of completing at least 15 good faith interviews for jobs related to the program and the student`s qualification/level (e.g., documents such as an email or letter of invitation to interview, confirmation of non-selection etc.)
  • Within one (1) month of program completion, the student must register and satisfactorily pass all embedded credential exams including state and/or industry certification(s) and licensure(s) required for employment (If applicable).

If you meet ALL eligibility criteria listed above, proceed with the Money Back Application.