Third Party Contracts

Third party contracts are an unconditional written guarantee to Valencia College for payment of tuition and fees, and in some instances educational materials and supplies, from an organization (“Third Party Sponsor”) on behalf of a student. 

Depending on terms of the contract, some tuition or certain fees may not be covered, so it is important to understand what will be paid under the terms of the third-party contract.  Any difference between the charges assessed and amount covered under the contract must be paid from another source to satisfy the balance due.

For information about Florida Prepaid, please visit the Business Office Florida Prepaid Plan website.

Third Party Sponsors - Frequently Asked Questions

I am a current sponsor for students at Valencia College.  What is the best way to submit the written guarantee to ensure student is on contract?
Email the written guarantee to pay, typically in the form of a voucher for processing.  Please allow at least five (5) business days to process the voucher.   Refer to the Important Dates and Deadline Calendar for applicable term to ensure that voucher is received at least five days before the payment deadline.

In general, the voucher is an unconditional guarantee promise to pay and should not include eligibility restrictions such as but not limited to course completion, grades, course compliance to declared program major.  If organization requires Valencia to monitor program eligibility, the College reserves the right to not accept company as a third party sponsor, even if your organization was a previous sponsor. Please reach out to if you need to discuss the terms of your 

What information should be on my written guarantee (voucher)? 

  • Student(s) VID
  • Student Name
  • Term
  • Maximum Amount
  • Charge restrictions such as late fee or repeat fee

New for Spring term 2022

  • Maximum amount for course required instructional materials (books, lab access codes)
  • Maximum amount for educational supplies (calculators, computers) 

Why is my tax-exempt organization being charged sales tax for educational books and/or materials?
It is most likely that Valencia does not have your current Florida Consumer’s Certificate of Exemption (Form DR-14) on file.  Please send your current tax-exempt certificate to the Accounts Receivable department at

When will my organization receive the invoice for payment?
An invoice will be electronically delivered to the designated email address approximately two months after the beginning of the term. Payment is due upon receipt.  The preferred method of payment is ACH, but checks are also accepted.