Florida Prepaid

The Florida Prepaid Tuition Plan at Valencia is administered by the Business Office. Listed below are the processing procedures for participants:

Once you have registered for classes and fees have been assessed we will automatically defer the maximum amount that can be billed for all participants who are in good standing with Florida Prepaid. You are not required to notify the Business Office that you want to use your prepaid plan. 

Please review your account on Atlas to determine that your Florida Prepaid has been applied. Please contact the Business Office in the event that your account has not been updated.  Your deferral and the Florida Prepaid payment are limited to the amount of credits remaining in your prepaid plan, which is reflected on your annual statement from Florida Prepaid.

At the time we invoice, near the end of each semester, your Florida Prepaid account must be in good standing and have sufficient credit hours available.  If necessary, please notify Florida Prepaid to release any holds.  If for any reason we are unable to complete the billing process we will reverse the credit and payment for your classes will become due to Valencia immediately.

Should you have any questions concerning procedures, please come by the Business Office. Your Florida Prepaid Tuition Plan representative may be reached at 800-552-GRAD.

If for any reason you do not want Valencia College to bill Florida Prepaid on your behalf or would like to reduce the number of hours billed, please complete and sign the  authorization form and return to the Business Office by the payment deadline.

Important Notes

If you are a beneficiary of a scholarship please complete the survey that is required from Florida Prepaid each year.

Please be aware that there are fees that are not covered by your Florida Prepaid Plan. Check your Atlas account to determine these fees and make arrangements to pay for them by the payment deadline.  Payments can be made through the web, by mail or in person at the Business Office.

Fees Not Paid by Florida Prepaid

  • Any special fees associated with your classes.
  • The student activity fee portion of your tuition.
  • The technology fee portion of your tuition. Unless you are enrolled in the local fee program with Florida Prepaid and have separately purchased the TDF plan.