Valencia College Facts


Notable Highlights

  • Valencia College was named the best community college in the nation as the inaugural winner of the Aspen Prize for Community College Excellence.
  • Valencia College's economic impact on the region is more than $1 billion a year.
  • Almost a quarter of UCF graduates started at Valencia College.


Just the Facts


Annual Fact Sheets

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Unless otherwise noted, all information below is from the 2017 - 2018 academic year.


Lake Nona


Tuition Per Credit Hour (2017-2018)

Valencia's tuition is half that of a state university and is the lowest public college tuition in Central Florida.

Tuition Type Associate Baccalaureate
In-State Tuition:
Out-of-State Tuition:

Financial Aid

(As of September 2018)

Aid info Amount
Total Aid Awarded $140,860,797
Students Receiving Aid 43.1%
Bright Futures Recipients 807

Degree Programs

Programs Number of Degrees Offered
Associate in Arts (A.A.) 1
Associate in Science (A.S.) 36
Certificate Programs 85

Bachelor of Science (B.S.)

  • B.A.S. in Business and Organizational Leadership
  • B.S. in Cardiopulmonary Sciences
  • B.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology
  • B.S. in Nursing
  • B.S. in Radiologic and Imaging Sciences

Graduate Success

Valencia is ranked 4th among the nation's colleges and universities in the number of associate degrees awarded.

Success Rate
A.S. graduate placement rate: 94%
A.S. average annual salary:
*According to Florida Education Training and Placement Information (FETPIP) 2015 - 2016 data.
approximately $43,644*

Graduates by Degree/Certificate

Degree Programs Total Number Percentage
Associate in Arts (A.A.) 6,585 49.3%
Associate in Science (A.S.and A.A.S.) 1,451 10.9%
Bachelor of Science (B.S.) 89 0.7%
Career Certificate 456 3.4%
Educator Preparation Institute Certificate 63 0.5%
Technical Certificate 4,686 35.1%
Total 13,366  



Annual Enrollment

Valencia is the 2nd largest of Florida's 28 state colleges.

Credit/Non-Credit Type of Student Total Enrolled
Credit Credit-Seeking Students
International Students (Fall 2017) (from 142 countries): 1,681 (note 1)
Non-Credit Educator Preparation Institute 230
Non-Credit Postsecondary Adult Vocational 499
Non-Credit Continuing Workforce Education 838 (note 2)
Non-Credit Continuing Education 9,469 (note 3)
Non-Credit Conferences and Seminars 815
Non-Credit Total Individuals Served (note 4) 74,144
  1. International students include NON-SEVIS and SEVIS students. "NON-SEVIS" includes students on all visa types (except students on F and J visas), students who are not U.S. citizens or permanent residents. "SEVIS" includes students on F and J visas.
  2. Due to changes from the State of Florida DOE, students must have a Student Number Identifier, Florida (FLid) for submission to the state. The Continuity 2000 database does not contain Student Number Identifier, Florida (FLid) for students. Therefore, beginning in reporting year 2016-2017 the CWE students only include students found in Banner non-credit terms with FLids.
  3. Provided by Continuing Education department.
  4. Includes credit students, postsecondary adult vocational, Educator Preparation Institute, continuing education, conferences and seminars. Total is approximate - there may be some duplication across categories.

Average Class Size: 21.2

Enrollment By Campus

Campus Total Enrollment
East 28,668
Lake Nona 2,979
Osceola 13,485
Poinciana 1,094
West 27,627
Winter Park 2,348
Students enrolled at more than one campus 30.3%

County of Origin

Percentage of high school grads who start at Valencia College (Fall 2017):

County Percentage
Orange County 31.2%
Osceola County 40.7%

Student Characteristics

Race/Ethnicity Percentage
African-American 16.6%
Asian 4.4%
Caucasian 27.7%
Hawaiian 0.3%
Hispanic 36.2%
Multi-Race 2.6%
Native American 0.3%
Unknown 11.8%

Enrollment Types

Enrollment Status Percentage
Full-Time 35.5%
Part-Time 64.5%
Median Student Age 20

Lake Nona


About Valencia College



Founded in 1967


Service Area

Orange and Osceola counties



Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS)


 President: Sandy Shugart
College Executive Vice President and Provost:Kathleen Plinske
East & Winter Park President: Stacey Johnson
Osceola, Lake Nona & Poinciana President: Kathleen Plinske
West & Downtown President: Falecia Williams


As of August 7, 2018

Staff: 2,404

Full-Time Faculty: 604

Part-Time Faculty (Adjunct): 1,209


Total: 4,217

board of trustees at work

Board of Trustees

  • Bruce Carlson, Chair
  • Tracey Stockwell, Vice Chair
  • Maria Grulich
  • Guillermo Hansen
  • Rosene Johnson
  • Daisy Lopez-Cid
  • Raymer Maguire III
  • Lew Oliver
  • Beth Smith


Revenues Total
2018-2019 Projected Revenues: $203,516,000
2017-2018 Actual Revenues: $199,352,931

Valencia College Foundation Endowment

Thanks to alumni donations, grants, and contributions from businesses and individuals, Valencia College has one of the country's largest community college endowments at $74.5 million as of 3/31/18.