Academic Calendars

Important Dates and Deadlines

The Academic Calendar outlines key events such as registration periods, semester start and end dates, holidays, and important deadlines. Whether you're a student planning your semester, a faculty member managing courses, or a visitor seeking information, this comprehensive calendar is designed to keep you informed of essential dates throughout the academic year.

Academic Calendar - Employees
 2023-2024 Academic Calendar - Employees

Revised: MARCH 13, 2024

 2024-2025 Academic Calendar - Employees

Revised: May 3, 2024

Important Dates and Deadlines
 2023-2024 Important Dates & Deadlines

Revised: MARCH 15, 2024

 2024-2025 Important Dates & Deadlines

Revised: May 3, 2024

Calendar Archive Valencia College employees can access the  Academic Calendar Archive.