Undocumented Students

Valencia College welcomes all students, regardless of immigration status.

We accept new degree-seeking students each semester—fall, spring and summer. You may submit your online application at any time. Don't hesitate to contact Student Services with any questions about applying, assessment, transcripts, residency and more. Our dedicated staff is available to help you through the entire admissions process.

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Common Questions

I am an undocumented student. Can I attend Valencia College?

Yes, absolutely! Valencia College welcomes all students, regardless of immigration status.

I am an undocumented student. How do I qualify for in-state tuition at Valencia College?

If you attended a high school in Florida and meet the eligibility criteria below, you are eligible for an out-of-state tuition waiver (and eligible to pay in-state tuition rates at Valencia College):

  • Attended a Florida high school for the last three consecutive years immediately before graduation from a Florida high school, and submit an official high school transcript providing evidence of high school attendance.
  • Submitted an admission application to a Florida College System or State University System institution within 24 months of high school graduation.

I am an undocumented student and interested in attending Valencia College. How do I apply for admission?

Regardless of your immigration status, all students should apply for admission to Valencia College through our Online Application for Admission.

If you have questions about applying, you can visit us on campus at one of our Answer Centers, online through our Virtual Answer Center, you can email us at enroll@valenciacollege.edu, or you can call us at 407-582-1507.

I am an undocumented student and have already completed my Valencia College application. Who should I talk to about in-state tuition?

If you have completed your application for admission, please visit with one of our Answer Center advisors or contact them through the Virtual Answer Center to complete your out-of-state tuition waiver.

I am an undocumented student. Am I eligible for financial aid?

No. Undocumented students, including DACA students and Dreamers, are not eligible for federal student aid. However, you may be eligible for state or college financial aid. Most states and colleges use information collected on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSASM) to determine whether you are eligible for aid. If you have a Social Security number, you may complete the FAFSA and we encourage you to do so at www.fafsa.gov. For the answer to the question about citizenship status, check the box that says “ineligible non-citizen.” We also recommend that you meet with an advisor to see what types of financial aid you may be eligible to receive and whether completing the FAFSA is the way to apply for that aid.

I am an undocumented student. Are there any scholarships available for me?

While many scholarships do require applicants to be U.S. citizens, several scholarships are available to students who are undocumented:

Valencia College Foundation

The Valencia College Foundation offers over 400 scholarships to help with the cost of tuition, books and fees. Scholarships are another type of financial assistance. Students do not need to be Florida residents nor qualify for financial aid to apply. All Valencia College students who are degree-seeking are encouraged to apply. For more information, including the online scholarship application, please visit valencia.org/scholarships.


Note: During the application process, you will be asked to indicate whether you are a Florida resident, or whether or not you receive a Florida residency tuition waiver so we can notify the scholarship committees or donors of your residency status.

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Other Scholarship Opportunities

Many scholarships have their own applications, deadlines and eligibility requirements. Please visit the following websites for more information on the scholarship application process.

Go to these web sites for more information and to apply.

Qué Llueva Café Scholarship

Education Foundation of Osceola County
This opportunity is only for graduating high school seniors from Osceola County.

The National Scholarships for High School and Community College graduates are exclusively for highly motivated DREAMers who need help to get financial assistance to attend college.


Note: Valencia College and UCF are part of thedream.us network of colleges for these scholarships. Applications are usually due in February for the following academic year.