Valencia College is primarily a commuter school. However, Valencia College Downtown, the campus Valencia College shares with UCF, offers student housing opportunities. There are plenty of student housing options around each of our campuses as well. We hold annual housing fairs on campus and provide rental information and roommate listings through the Student Development office.


In general, the amount you spend for housing should be limited to one-fourth or one-third of the total amount you have planned to spend on living expenses. If the cost is one-half of your budget or more, you may be spending too much. Housing costs include:

  • Down payment
  • Monthly rent
  • Utilities
  • Electric
  • Water
  • TV/Internet/phone

Having a roommate (or roommates) is a great way to save money on rent. Plus, it gives you someone to share the college experience with. Just keep a few things in mind when choosing someone to live with:

  • Don’t meet up with potential roommates by yourself—bring a friend and meet in a public place.
  • Choose a roommate who has similar living habits as you. Before moving in together, discuss what you expect out of each other.
  • Avoid money issues—ask your landlord if you and your roommate can have separate leases.

To look for housing options around campus, a web search using a phrase such as "apartments near Valencia College" or "Valencia College student housing" may help you find apartments and other housing options close to the campus you will be attending. You may also consider using an online service to find student housing in Orlando.