Contact Information for Custodian of Public Records


Pursuant to Section 119.12, F.S., prior to filing any civil action to enforce Florida's public records laws, a public records requestor must provide written notice identifying the public records request(s) at issue, at least five (5) business days before filing the civil action, to:

  • The President of Valencia College is charged with responsibility for the operation and administration of the College, including the management of public records. To effectively administer those records, the President has designated multiple personnel in all areas of College operations to serve as the "custodian of public records" for those areas, as that term is defined in Section 119.011(5), F.S.
  • For the convenience of the public, and for purposes of compliance with the requirements of Section 119.12, F.S., the Office of the Director, Contracts and Records is designated as the general Custodian of Public Records, specifically to receive written notices provided by public records requestors prior to their filing of civil actions to enforce the provisions of Florida's public records laws, in accordance with the requirements set forth in Section 119.12, F.S.
Contact Info

Valencia College
Director of Contracts and Records

Attn: Public Records Request
Telephone 407-582-3465